Gardener Weeds Plants in Park

Terry Cousins weeds flower bed at the entrance to Kittanning Riverfront Park yesterday.

Local Landscaper Terry Cousins was busy in between raindrops this week weeding flower beds at the entrance to Kittanning Riverfront Park.

“(I’m) just weeding and trying to make it look better,” Cousins said. “A lot of hours!”

Weather has made it difficult to keep up with the flower beds.

“These geraniums I put in about a month ago and I haven’t been back since then, so it needs weeded. These are all weeds. It gets away from you when you get a lot of rain.”

The efforts are funded by the Kittanning Garden Club.

“It’s a non-profit organization. They raise money through sales. The make wreaths for Christmas. Local stores and clubs donate to the Garden Club.”

Cousins said most of the work done in the flower beds is done either by him or another woman hired by the Garden Club. As flowers mature, seeds that are dropped in the Fall spawn into flowering plants this year that must be pruned.

“Those real big flowers that you see in the Fall here? These are all babies of those. I pot them up and we sell them up at the Farmer’s Market — cheap!”

Cousins said he enjoys his job, but the best reward is when flower beds look nice for visitors coming into Kittanning.