Community Band Fills Fire Hall with Music

Kittanning Community Band played a concert last night at the West Kittanning Fire Hall.

“Best it has ever been…”

“Amazing musicians…”

Those were just some of the remarks being made about last night’s performance of the Kittanning Community Band.

The free concert was held at the West Kittanning Fire Hall and was the next performance in a long history of summer events sponsored by the fire department according to its president, Bernie Bowser, Jr.

“This started in the late 80s, first with the Kittanning Fireman’s Band and then the Armstrong Community Band and now the Kittanning Community Band.”

Bowser said refreshments were served at the end of the concert.

“We sponsor it every year with a grilled hot dog and some beverages. It’s all sponsored by the West Kittanning Fire Department. And, (it) used to be an outside concert, but with our weather changing and with the rain, we brought it inside. With the air conditioning, it’s cooler for the older people.”

Each year, the fire department makes sure there are enough “dogs & drink” to go around.

“We have enough hot dogs and beverages for over 200. So, we prepare for about 200.”

Bowser said the fire department is appreciative of the support of the community and this event is a time to give back.

“It’s a nice event. We want to get out and help the community and this is another way to do that so. It’s all sponsored by the fire department – 100℅ free and we do it every year. This is every July we do this, usually the 2nd or 3rd week of July we do a concert here.”

The band is in its second season since its formation.