Manor Township Cites Texas Holding Company for Violations

Neighbors are complaining about this property on Bailey Avenue in Manor Township, saying weeds, snakes, and other rodents are taking over since it became unoccupied.

MANOR – A Texas bank has not responded to requests by Manor Township officials to maintain a property they own at 2120 Bailey Drive.

According to court house records, the property is deeded to Irene and Alene Bednar. At some point, it appears that a reverse mortgage was initiated through Financial Freedom of Austin, Texas, an affiliate of One West Bank of Irvine, California. The property was vacated and the Texas group assumed responsibility.

Neighbors have complained that grass and weeds have overtaken the property. Snakes and small rodents have been observed and neighbors want the township supervisors to clean it up.

Sergeant Terry Bish was intrigued as to the reason the mortgage company has chosen to ignore phone calls from township officials.

“Banks that own these properties are normally pretty good. You call them up and they (normally) send someone to cut the grass. I’m not sure what happened with this one and why they were cited.”

According to the ordinance, Manor Township is required to give notice of the violation. After notice has been served, the owner has ten days to trim and remove all grass, weeds, or other vegetation growing along fence lines, foundations, landscaping beds, and trees that are in violation.

If the property owner fails to comply within ten days, the township has the authority to enter upon the land and/or to cause the lawn to be mowed by an authorized representative who has been hired by the township to do the work.

Supervisors were unclear at a recent meeting on the actual content of the ordinance they signed into law in June 2016 and have made no plans to have the lawn mowed.

Bish said that thus far, the mortgage company has been cited three times through District Magisterial Judge Gary DeComo’s office. Court records show the amount of each fine was $184.50, or a total of $553.50.

However, according to the ordinance, the amount charged for each violation per day could be set as high as $1,000 if so requested by the township. Supervisors have not chosen to request stiffer penalties to date.

Resident Marlin Shernock also approached the supervisors last week about a property on Spring Avenue. He was frustrated over the lack of response by the supervisors.

“I’ve been down here four times already and it doesn’t seem like nothing gets done and we put up with it.”

Manor Township will hold its next public meeting on Wednesday, July 26th at 5PM at the municipal building.

The front yard at 2120 Bailey Drive has grass well over the eight-inch limit as well as limbs from trees and an old bicycle. Neighbors want the property cleaned up but Manor Township supervisors have not acted on their ordinance that provides for them to sub-out the work to do so.

50 comments on “Manor Township Cites Texas Holding Company for Violations
  1. mad-2010 says:

    “We’re going to have insurance for everybody…. Everybody’s going to be taken care of.” “lower premiums” with “much lower deductibles.” “It’s going to be so easy, believe me.” -DJT
    Yep, That’s what we are going to get! lol

  2. Rainbow Rider says:

    ” We have to pass it , just to see what’s in it ”
    Yep, that’s a heckuva job.

  3. Rainbow Rider says:

    Opie, tell the creepy clowns to enjoy themselves.
    I won’t be seeing them there, I’ll go somewhere with better food and will buy my beer from a local distributor.

  4. Rainbow Rider says:

    Sickofyourself , you are the only one making assumptions. Stupid ones at that.
    All the rest of us are citing from what was in two different news publications, from what the State Police said, what the Judge, D.A. , and every one else in the criminal justice system said and did.
    All of us, except you and Fjenny, can see where Fjenny was wrong and where he broke the law.
    Regardless of what happened, when someone is in their car and retreating they are no longer a threat, IF they ever were.
    You can’t do what the jailbird did!
    You have trouble understanding this in spite of many efforts by different people explaining this to you.
    I’ll not explain it to you again.

  5. mad-2010 says:

    @Wman, I guess we are both chuckling, just at different things. I don’t remember dems sneaking ACA in? ACA passed by legislative process more supported it than rejected the ACA. Nancy Pelosi did a heck of job to get people on board with the ACA. You’re talking like they crafted the legislation in secret in the basement of a building in D.C. and then had no hearings like the pubs with Trumpcare. My main concern is with the thousands of Americans that need affordable healthcare. The only way the ACA fails is if it’s not supported properly and the pubs want it to fail. The pubs just can’t put their T-care together so that the freedom caucus, the moderates, and conservatives are all pleased. Not sure what you mean about free government handouts, mortgage interest deduction, estate tax, can be considered a government handout, sure you have taken that, right.
    Russian mania, yes, big hoot there, although I did know that all mobsters at one time have to kiss the Hand! (Putin Trump dinner) DT junior, Manafort, Kushner, all headed up to the Senate for questions, like something out of the Sopranos, pretty funny stuff there, man. Heard this morning Trump is throwing Sessions under the bus and threatened Mueller, good move. The Supreme Court move was more like Grand Theft, but hey, life goes on. I just don’t see any heads blowing up, lots of lawyers, lots of amnesia, lots of lies, that’s entertainment enough for me at the moment. The best is yet to come, I’m sure.

  6. sickofpayingforit says:

    I don’t know the guy who was on Jorns property, and NOBODY knows what was said between them. Jorn knows how to push buttons and it is plausible that he did manage to or the guy who was on his property.

    That could all he false too. Lots of assumptions being made. Typical for the company on here.

  7. opie2 says:

    The Creepy Clowns are ready for a beer from Sheetz

  8. worthingtonman says:

    Yup, Still chuckling . Do you remember how the dems snuck Obama are in? I do. All that this shows me is that people in congress stand behind what they feel is right and just don’t vote don’t the party line. It does make it tough, but Obamacare is and will fail. Those of us not collecting benefits under the union umbrella and free government handouts know the struggle and can only hope the government someday either gets out of healthcare and things can improve for us. The Russian mania is what is making me chuckle the most. Watching then on tv going on and on about Trumps dinner with Putin killed me. These same media folks never had a problem with Hillary resisting sanctions against Russia while Bill raked in millions in speaking fees from Russian bankers. Where was the Red fever back then? No Matter how things turn out for this president, the two things I feared most have been alleviated. Clinton is not President and we got a conservative majority on the Supreme Court. So I will continue to chuckle and watch for the latest issue to make heads blow up!

  9. mad-2010 says:

    Wman, I told you healthcare was “no joke” 7 years to get it right and they can’t get it done? 6 months without any real legislation? Are you still chuckling?

  10. Rainbow Rider says:

    Opie 2 , thank the creepy clowns for the information 😉

  11. Rainbow Rider says:

    Steve , Excellent point about Fjenny’s taking creditability away from things he’s involved with/ fighting for.
    He and jack Bennett are alike in that respect. They use hate and mistake filled rants to try to make a point and make themselves and their cause look foolish.
    You definitely don’t want these two on the same side of an issue as you are.
    Also Jailbird jensen’s conduct with a gun makes us responsible and law abiding gun owners look bad. Sickofhimself further reinforces that by his ridiculous comments. You’d better be damn well in danger and able to prove it before pulling out a gun, or you’ll be in a heap of trouble if it goes to court.
    The laughing stock of Armstrong County continues to amaze!

  12. steve says:

    Jenny, You took the KP’s suspect reporting and concocted some asinine theory that the former owners had some sort of plan to grab cash and skip town. You have nobody to blame other than yourself for your stupid comments.
    You always whine about people not sticking to the subject of an article, but EVERY article you comment on, you somehow twist to talking about HairBall76, 911 or whatever is eating your shorts that day. The people pushing those things alongside you probably cringe when they see you talking about them because you actually take credibility away from it with your nonsense.

  13. mad-2010 says:

    Thanks Opie, It’s hot enough today to go have a beer at Sheetz.

  14. mad-2010 says:

    “It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.” Denial and horse Doo come easy with your real name! LOL Sad! Do a study on those reverse mortgages and get back to us we’ll be waiting. What a crock, JJ.

  15. opie2 says:

    Well the Creepy Clowns say still awaiting formal arraignment.

  16. mark says:

    All this chatter/bickering over a yard. LOL

  17. Rainbow Rider says:

    So it’s the KP’s fault that the laughing stock of Armstrong County made another fool of himself. They didn’t include enough details in the article! Yet he made this fool of himself the exact same way he’s done a hundred times in the past!
    It’s the KP’s fault!

  18. jorn jensen says:

    It is sad that the no-names do not allow theories on such things as reverse mortgages and other possible ways to pay excessive property taxes.

    It would be interesting to learn just how many people take a reverse mortgage to pay property taxes. For now, I use retirement savings.

    I’m also sorry that the Bednar’s name is in this article without more detail – the article could have been written without a family name and with facts like the people had died and there were no heirs.

    I’m also saying that a reverse mortgage might be a perfect checking out plan if a person can predict their life expectancy versus running out of money.

    Still, it would be interesting to learn how many take out reverse mortgages in order to be able to continue paying excessive property taxes. And, I’ll not stop pushing HB76/SB76, school property tax elimination just because some no-names on the KP don’t agree. That is the platform that Jeff Pyle ran on 12 years ago and got elected and all we’ve had is more and more increased school property taxes. Just study the state pension mess and you’ll understand.

    I’m very thankful that senator Don White understands and supports SB76.

    No person should lose their home to a tax.

  19. jd718 says:

    Sick, “I usually ignore your drama.” Well Sick, you should keep your word and ignore! LOL The most useful tid-bits you have provided since March about Fjenny and the gun were backside kisses.
    “you or anyone else really doesn’t have the authority to override the US Constitution.” That’s a funny thing to say, Sick. Tell that to the judge of the case. lol We Americans mostly follow the law in this country, if not, you get arrested. I haven’t been arrested, your master (Fjenny) has. Fjenny wasn’t defending Jack. The guy got mad and went into the house and got a gun. Yes or No?

  20. Watchingfromadistance says:

    So, nobody is saying what the outcome of Jorn’s day in court. Is there any info out there?

  21. sickofpayingforit says:

    JD-. I usually ignore your drama. Little useful Intel to be gleaned from anything you post. I will say, you or anyone else really doesn’t have the authority to override the US Constitution. It is an arrogant position to do so…..Jensen is American. He had the right to defend his property and family from a perceived threat. Guy shows up on anyone’s property uninvited, I would say the same.

  22. steve says:

    Jensen’s distasteful comments were par for the course with him. He always comes up with wild theories even if he knows close to nothing about the situation at hand. Marc is correct that Jenny uses anything he can to bring politics or his agenda to each KP article being commented on.
    I also think the KP did the Bednar family a disservice by publishing their names without knowing the full story. The bank owns the property and isn’t maintaining it, don’t drag these people’s names through the mud.

  23. Marc says:

    Jenny- Your last two posts clearly show who you are and why you’re so disliked. You said you didn’t mean to offend the deceased family, yet you accused them of abandoning a home to get the better of a bank in a financial deal. If you truly didn’t mean to offend anyone you would have just kept your mouth shut. This isn’t the first time you’ve used someone else’s tragedy to make one of your tired political points on this site.
    You were complaining a few days ago that you lost friends after your arrest. Hate to break it to you, but it probably wasn’t because you were arrested. Most likely you’re losing what little friends you have because you’re a terrible person.

  24. jd718 says:

    “Simply dying does end the need/worry of mowing the lawn.” Can you believe this guy?
    “but rather to provide information on reverse mortgages and school property tax effects on property owners.” Real meaning: But rather to further my personal agenda not matter what or who’s toes I step on! Great guy, Not!

  25. jd718 says:

    “Refreshing to read a well-thought-out comment on this site.” Thanks Goaskalice for the real insight as to what really is going on in this instance. Fjenny will never learn.

  26. Rainbow Rider says:

    The ” Laughing Stock ” of Armstrong County makes another fool of himself!
    It’ll be interesting to gauge his response to Goaskalice!
    Oh wait! He won’t respond! He’ll move to another topic and act like it never happened!
    Just like he acts like his criminal charges never happened!
    He’s in denial!

  27. jorn jensen says:

    Goaskalice – Thank you for the clarification. Simply dying does end the need/worry of mowing the lawn.

    The article states that the property was vacated – did not state ‘how’ it was vacated.

    But, reverse mortgages can be a two-way street – sometimes the lender wins, sometimes the borrower wins.

    Sorry if my post offended you. It was not meant to offend you or the Bednars, but rather to provide information on reverse mortgages and school property tax effects on property owners.

  28. Rainbow Rider says:

    Goaskalice has characterized jensen perfectly!
    Thank you!
    jensen does as you describe every day!

  29. mad-2010 says:

    “Wise men speak because they have something to say, Fools because they have to say something.” – Plato

    The above quote fits you to a Tee, JJ. Looks like Goaskalice has set the record straight.

  30. goaskalice says:

    Mr. Jensen,
    I realize that you think that your job is to educate the uneducated and naive of Armstrong County, but in this case your mental and moral compass are off kilter. The Bednars, an elderly widow and her unmarried daughter did not “run off” with the proceeds of their reverse mortgage, they simply died. Having left no responsible party or end-of-life instructions, the property remains in limbo until all legal questions can be answered. There are no surviving family members in the area to assume responsibility for maintaining the property and the bank has not yet conceded their obligation to do so. In the future, please refrain from projecting your biases and misguided beliefs on to a situation that you do not completely understand. The situation may be upsetting to some but the memory of the Bednars should not become fodder for your misguided pontifications.

  31. Rainbow Rider says:

    Not much of a response for me to gauge Jailbird.
    You’ll need to do better than that when you ‘take the stand ‘
    I’ll gauge your next response.

  32. jd718 says:

    Typical Fjenny rhetoric, “Pass HB76/SB76 now and save property owners’ properties.”
    Reverse mortgages, another fine example of financial industries (banks) poor ways to make money.

    Liberals vs. republicans is way past old at the moment, Sick. Fjenny pulled a D-bag move and got caught up in his own mess, period!

  33. jorn jensen says:

    I believe that the content of this article is much deeper than the height of the grass. I believe that it points to the winners and losers in reverse mortgages.

    How so? In a growth market, reverse mortgages favor the lender – they end up with full ownership of the property at the end of the term of the ‘mortgage’ and can re-sell it at a profit. In a declining market, a shrewd borrower can come out a winner by ‘stiffing’ the lender with an over-taxed property that will most-likely sell at a loss – if it will even sell at all.

    Take the example in the article above – “it appears that a reverse mortgage was initiated……..The property was vacated and the Texas group assumed responsibility.” If the Bednars held the reverse mortgage, then they probably took the money and ran, knowing that they had already been ‘paid’ for the property. They could probably care less who mows the place, who pays the school taxes or who has the responsibility to do so. Brilliant move.

    I believe that we’ll see more of this in this area since we’re all renting our paid-off properties from the school district anyhow.

    Pass HB76/SB76 now and save property owners’ properties. Tax income and sales instead of assessed property values and people can stay in their paid-off homes. No one should lose their home to a tax.

    Let’s hear from a realtor or a banker, even a no-name realtor or banker and correct me if I’m wrong.

  34. jorn jensen says:

    Typical Rainbow – you’re so enamored with me.

  35. sickofpayingforit says:

    Jensen is an American, and regardless of the liberals views, has the GUARANTEED right to own and bear arms. Defending his property from a perceived threat, who mind you was ON JENSEN’s property uninvited, is completely within his rights. The news/papers have daily reminders as to why we should all be proactive regarding defending our own.

  36. blutoblutarsky says:

    Jenny- You forgot to respond to my question. Would they be trespassing or not by cutting the grass? I’ve intentionally posted this twice to gauge your response.
    Rainbow is right. It was very neighborly of your victim to hand deliver your mail to you. Look at the thanks he got!!

  37. Rainbow Rider says:

    Well, someone tried to ” help out” by delivering some papers to you and we all know how that turned out.
    I intentionally posted this to gage your response.

  38. jorn jensen says:

    Interesting bunch of comments. This is what we’ve arrived at these days – everyone for themselves and not helping others. Let’s hire more lawn inspectors and rain dancers.
    I intentionally posted what I did to gage the response and it is as I expected of this area.

  39. Watchingfromadistance says:

    So, Jorn seems to think passing to mow the grass would be ok, well, we all know what happened when so eone “supposedly” trespassed o his property. Speaking of which, does anyone know what happened at his trial?

  40. ktown_kid says:

    Of course Jenny would want the neighbors to mow the grass. He can’t even keep up with all of his properties.

  41. mad-2010 says:

    Set the Max. fine at $1,000.00 a day then send notice to the bank. After an amount of time put a lien on this property, if nothing after that then seize the property and sell it.

  42. blutoblutarsky says:

    Jenny, most foreclosures do however the existence or lack of a sign isn’t the point. You assaulted and threatened to shoot someone over the exact thing you’re telling these people to do. You’re basically admitting in a public forum that setting foot on property that isn’t yours isn’t illegal or threatening. Not a good look for your “situation”. So which is it… would they be trespassing or not by cutting the grass?

  43. Rainbow Rider says:

    Jailbird jensen/Fjenny , These concerned residents are trying to keep Manor Township a well run outfit.
    How’d things go yesterday with your ‘situation’?
    You were ready to get the tar and feathers out for a school director who got a dui but when you threaten someone with a gun it’s nothing more than a ‘situation’.
    You try to ignore it, run from it, and act as if it never happened. You are now a marked/stained individual.
    You are also ‘over’ on this site and have been for a long time. You are the only one who doesn’t know it.

  44. mad-2010 says:

    Bluto, The guy is a 2-faced R*t he’ll never learn now, too old! Same Leopard, Same Spots.

  45. scott_starr says:

    Supervisors were unclear at a recent meeting on the actual content of the ordinance they signed into law in June 2016 and have made no plans to have the lawn mowed.

    This statement is confusing. Does it mean that the Supervisors do not know what is in the ordinance they signed or that they were unclear about explaining the ordinance?

  46. bigjohn says:

    The law is the law. Enforce it.

  47. jd718 says:

    There are ordinances in place for a reason. The law states the owner (Bank) should follow the law (ordinance). No one lives there so, nothing neighborly needs to be done. Fine the Bank until they take care of their responsibility.

  48. jorn jensen says:

    Bluto, you’re back!
    Does the property have signage that states that it is private property?

  49. blutoblutarsky says:

    Jenny, you pointed a gun at someone and threatened their life for setting foot on your property to deliver a court document to you and now you’re telling people to trespass on someone else’s private property? Your idiocy is astounding.

  50. jorn jensen says:

    If the neighbors are concerned about the grass at the place, then why don’t they do the neighborly thing and go cut the grass between the raindrops instead of involving council, supervisors, lawn police, and magistrates?

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