Manor Township Cites Texas Holding Company for Violations

Neighbors are complaining about this property on Bailey Avenue in Manor Township, saying weeds, snakes, and other rodents are taking over since it became unoccupied.

MANOR – A Texas bank has not responded to requests by Manor Township officials to maintain a property they own at 2120 Bailey Drive.

According to court house records, the property is deeded to Irene and Alene Bednar. At some point, it appears that a reverse mortgage was initiated through Financial Freedom of Austin, Texas, an affiliate of One West Bank of Irvine, California. The property was vacated and the Texas group assumed responsibility.

Neighbors have complained that grass and weeds have overtaken the property. Snakes and small rodents have been observed and neighbors want the township supervisors to clean it up.

Sergeant Terry Bish was intrigued as to the reason the mortgage company has chosen to ignore phone calls from township officials.

“Banks that own these properties are normally pretty good. You call them up and they (normally) send someone to cut the grass. I’m not sure what happened with this one and why they were cited.”

According to the ordinance, Manor Township is required to give notice of the violation. After notice has been served, the owner has ten days to trim and remove all grass, weeds, or other vegetation growing along fence lines, foundations, landscaping beds, and trees that are in violation.

If the property owner fails to comply within ten days, the township has the authority to enter upon the land and/or to cause the lawn to be mowed by an authorized representative who has been hired by the township to do the work.

Supervisors were unclear at a recent meeting on the actual content of the ordinance they signed into law in June 2016 and have made no plans to have the lawn mowed.

Bish said that thus far, the mortgage company has been cited three times through District Magisterial Judge Gary DeComo’s office. Court records show the amount of each fine was $184.50, or a total of $553.50.

However, according to the ordinance, the amount charged for each violation per day could be set as high as $1,000 if so requested by the township. Supervisors have not chosen to request stiffer penalties to date.

Resident Marlin Shernock also approached the supervisors last week about a property on Spring Avenue. He was frustrated over the lack of response by the supervisors.

“I’ve been down here four times already and it doesn’t seem like nothing gets done and we put up with it.”

Manor Township will hold its next public meeting on Wednesday, July 26th at 5PM at the municipal building.

The front yard at 2120 Bailey Drive has grass well over the eight-inch limit as well as limbs from trees and an old bicycle. Neighbors want the property cleaned up but Manor Township supervisors have not acted on their ordinance that provides for them to sub-out the work to do so.