Hearing Held for Manor Funding

Armstrong County Planning and Development Manager Kathy Heilman chaired a hearing that will give Manor Township about $70,000 later this year for identified projects.

MANOR – Armstrong County Planning and Development Manager Kathy Heilman chaired a meeting last night prior to the monthly public meeting of Manor Township supervisors.

“It’s to get citizen views and comments,” she said. “It’s our first public hearing for Community Development Block Grant funds that Manor receives annually.”

Heilman said Armstrong County receives specific funding in addition to various municipalities.

“East Franklin Township, Kiski Township, Kittanning Borough, Manor, and the City of Parker receives Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.”

Heilman said funding available for 2017 will be about the same as 2016 for a total of $84,775. The County will keep over $15,000 of that amount as their fee to administrate the grant.

“Since 1984, Manor Township has received $3,357,000 in CDBG monies. We have used those monies for storm sewer improvement, street reconstruction work, water lines, and things of that nature. That is normally what we are going to be using the funds for.”

Heilman asked supervisors and about 20 people gathered in the municipal building for any suggestions for funding use.

“Within a three-year plan, we look at long term objectives. We try to encompass anything and everything that we want to use the monies for. So if there is anything out there that needs to be added to that list, we can do that. When we submit the application, it will be included.”

Heilman said there are certain things that CDBG funding may not be used.

“You cannot use the money for general government expenses, purchase of furnishings, or equipment.”

Funding is requested by project for a specific area of the township. Supervisor Paul Rearick said it was very important for residents who receive an income survey to complete it, since money is allocated based on low to moderate income. Residents who do not complete the survey cause the township to lose the funding for that project in that area.