Stored Docks Brought Back Into Service

Two floating platforms tied together are brought down the Allegheny River to Kittanning Riverfront Park by volunteers on four different boats.

Docks that are positioned in front of the amphitheater at Kittanning Riverfront Park were brought out of storage yesterday for the 2017 summer season.

The floating platforms are normally installed around Memorial Day, but storms caused flooding this year and prevented volunteers from making the trek from the Cove near Tarrtown back down through Lock 7.

Applewold resident and avid boater Mark Feeney led the convoy of four boats that made their way through the Lock, up the Allegheny River to the Cove.

“There were boats anchored in the Cove when we got there and we had to ask them to pull their anchor and move so we could get (the docks) out of the Cove. Once we got them out in the open water, we started south with one boat. Then the other three boats met us for safety within 1,000 feet of the Lock in case the (pilot boat) stalled or something went wrong.”

Feeney said the entire procedure takes a good part of the afternoon.

“If we have to lock up through and get them on time and bring them on down, it’s a three-hour operation.”

Feeney said the procedure of bringing down the docks and taking them back to storage in late fall is a labor of love.

“A lot of cooperation! A lot of people having fun, donating their time, gas, the whole works, for everybody to have fun on the Allegheny,” he said.

The closure of Lock 7 several years ago threatened the ability to store the docks. Through the efforts of the Allegheny River Development Corporation (ARDC), the Locks have remained open for recreational boating the past several seasons.