Ford City Votes to Pay for Grant Default

Council members Kathy Bartuccio and Marc Mantini both voiced the reason for their vote at last night’s Ford City Borough Council monthly meeting. (KP File Photo)

FORD CITY – Borough Council voted last night to pay back a grant for a settlement amount of $116,200.

The Economic Development Administration (EDA) awarded the Borough a grant of $581,000 during the early 2000’s to be used in the old PPG building that was being converted into the Heritage Technology Park. The grant included a stipulation that the Borough must maintain ownership of the property until 2015. However, in 2010, the Borough defaulted on a loan from F&M Bank and the property that was used for collateral was repossessed and sold.

Previous councils had discussed the situation with the EDA, but could not reach an agreement. Finally on the advice of several different law firms, the last Council did not react. The legal advice they received is that too much time had elapsed and the EDA could not collect any money from Ford City.

But Council President Carol Fenyes didn’t have the same opinion. She and four other members of Council voted to pay the EDA. Council woman Kathy Bartuccio, who was council president during the original negotiations with the EDA in 2015, was the lone “no” vote.

“Since the EDA has not pursued the Borough and the Borough pursued the EDA to make a payment, plus after speaking with (Attorney) Bill Bercik and him telling us the Statute of Limitations expired April of 2016, I am entrusted to manage the Borough’s money, and am therefore opposed,” Bartuccio said.

Councilman Marc Mantini praised the current council for righting a wrong deed.

“I sat on Borough government when we were sent a letter from EDA that we could have settled this. We could have settled this in payments for approximately $38,000. This was hidden from the public. I don’t want to mention the people that were in authority at that time, but we could have settled this,. It would have been a yearly payment. However, the public was not even shown this letter. Somebody brought this letter to me, later, I exposed this letter. And so, that’s why I’m voting for this,” Mantini said.

Ironically, Ray Klukan, who serves on council now and voted for repayment last night, was also on council and seconded the motion in 2009 to allow the bank to foreclose on the property – the event that caused the loss of the property.

There was no mention during the discourse last night that stated where the Borough received the funds to pay the EDA.

52 comments on “Ford City Votes to Pay for Grant Default
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    Your right!!! Obummer left a host of ongoing issues, politicization of the IRS, Justice Department and a mess domestically and internationally, as well as starting us down the path of a conflict with a nuclear superpower.

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    Looks like “mad” is gonna pout now, hence the name.
    And that`s my picture beside the description of “bigot” =)

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  10. Road dawg fud dud says:

    I heard about the DUI stop in reference to the county official. That really needs looked into. 911 is a disaster due to him. If you have to pay hundreds of thousands in settlements and you can’t keep employees then it’s time to unload Mr. Ronald McDonald. Let him go and mismanage a police department and cost them. (Watch out Apollo)

  11. jd718 says:

    A new brand of drugs must have arrived in Armstrong County! Has anyone besides myself noticed the number of theft articles lately in the KP! Heck, someone even stole a cow! lol More perp walks along with you know who? Real names only on them rap sheets! lol

  12. jd718 says:

    The “pre-existing ‘situation’” no longer exists. Does the local government have insurance coverage now? If not, why not?

  13. Watchdawgz says:

    I agree with all. Ron b*st*rd needs to go now. He can’t run a 911 center. He back stabs police he works with in a attempt to “move up in the department “. No municipality needs this clown as a chief. Anybody that costs this county that much money needs reassigned,retrained or fired. This a$$ hat needs run out of the county. He has let the monkeys run the zoo to long and it has cost us all. I like these commissioners but they need to trim some fat at 911 and start at the top.

  14. mad-2010 says:

    Pay attention JJ I have the 911 stats.”In this instance with the lawsuit and all that (cost the local taxpayers 750k) you are looking for the commissioners to show real leadership? LOL Guess what? They failed to the tune of 750K! And you are a fan? Wow!” Good luck JJ this is a dead issue, Later….

  15. mad-2010 says:

    I no longer do comments with known bigots!
    Prejudices are what fools use for reason.

    @ Jensen, “pay attention to the details.” I haven’t missed anything! I’m not that interested to do a right-to-know it’s all a done deal! Still doesn’t change my feeling that leadership quality is less than it should be! Next Issue!

  16. jorn jensen says:

    Mad, pay attention to the details. “Then, along comes the Long and 911 lawsuits….” The jail break lawsuit is included in my comment.

    If you want to know the cost of the Long settlement, do a right-to-know request at the courthouse. You might not be able to use Mad 2010 as the ‘requestor’ – you might actually have to use a real, given name. A right-to-know was done on the 911 case and those numbers have been out for a while if you’ve paid attention.

    The Jail break was under the previous commissioners – Fink, Bower and Battaglia. Rich Fink was on the jail ‘committee’. They’re the three that dropped the lawsuit coverage.

    The present commissioners tried to get re-insured. Was denied due to suits already filed. No well-run insurance outfit will sign you up with a pre-existing ‘situation’. They tried – they were denied.

    I agree with you that the fact that the original problem still exists shows lack of strong leadership.

    They’re the best commissioners that we’ve had in a long, long time. I trust that they will clean up this problem. I am disappointed that they’re throwing more money at 911 – more money won’t fix it.

    I’m still a fan of these 3 guys and I truly believe that they’ll gat it right.

  17. mark says:

    But Mad, didn`t the warden resign/quit/get fired? The warden was at least partly responsible for the murder. And yes, Bowers/Fink and Battaglia were also partly to blame. But this 911 deal with viewing/discussing/mimicking porn and having the “C” word used as the password to get in the door has not been dealt with YET! Now, Baustert can`t keep trainees and it`s blamed on too low of pay. Maybe I`ll apply for a trainees job. He he he… where`s my mini cam…

  18. Rainbow Rider says:

    Jailbird, what high moral ground have ye to stand on to talk about anybody else’s conduct?
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    The 911 center, commissioners anybody?
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  19. mad-2010 says:

    JJ, You forgot the jail break. Who were the commissioners at the time of the jail break? Same 3 maybe? Oh, and they paid alright! A wrongful death! Someone paid for that mistake, how much did that one cost the taxpayers? Hum!

  20. mark says:

    JD, and $5 isn`t a lot of money unless you have none.

  21. mad-2010 says:

    JJ, I read most, if not all comments, so, don’t be flattered. If the lawsuit insurance was dropped that should have been one of the first things the commissioners could have corrected, and did not. I have no timeframe to ascertain what you say is correct. If the ship sinks and these 3 guys are at the helm, then the disaster belongs to those 3 commissioners. Also, the fact that the original problem still exists shows lack of strong leadership, pure & simple.

  22. jd718 says:

    Median household income of middle-class families: $73,659 in PENNSYLVANIA. 50k is only a big deal in Armstrong County!

  23. jd718 says:

    @ Mad, They could have bought 2 garbage trucks and had change for what this mismanagement crew cost the taxpayers. How could any sane person be a fan? Looks like one of those Orange mistakes that land you in a court of law!

  24. jd718 says:

    Opie, Never underestimate the orchestrations of the Orange jumper!

  25. jorn jensen says:

    Mad, these 3 commissioners were handed the 911 mess by the previous 3 commissioners. The previous commissioners dropped lawsuits insurance because they felt it invites lawsuits – and to ‘save’ money. Then, along comes the Long and the 911 lawsuits and the present commissioners are left to deal with it without insurance. So, now, we all pay – all of us taxpayers.

    These 3 guys can still make this right by solving the problems that TiredoftheBS and VerySpecialPerson mention. They can’t undo the lawsuits and settlements, but they can solve the source of the 911 lawsuit.

    By the way, I’m glad that you read my comments and follow them so closely.

  26. mark says:

    Yep! Yep! Yep! Can`t keep trainees working under Baustert. Duh! There`s a tough nut to crack there commissioners! Give em the $50K he earns and they`ll endure the atmosphere. Rainbow is passing notes at recess agin. LOL!

  27. jd718 says:

    The clever cat eats cheese and breathes down rat holes with baited breath! Ah, the stench of duplicity!

  28. opie2 says:

    The Creepy Clowns thought that Mark gave up on on this blog. Lier!!

  29. Rainbow Rider says:

    Mark, please entertain us with more of your wild a$$ lies!
    How’s that coon that comes out in the daytime?

  30. Rainbow Rider says:

    Perhaps you should apply for a job there?
    You could straighten things up!

  31. mark says:

    OMG! TiredoftheBS and very special person! You have reinstilled my hope that there is someone reading this forum that has outgrown junior high! My stint in time out expired just in time!

  32. mad-2010 says:

    In an earlier post on this thread you said- “this is government dealing with government – anything goes.” Make up your mind! In one instance with Ford City and the 116K you applaud them for repaying. In this instance with the lawsuit and all that cost the local taxpayers 750k you are looking for the commissioners to show real leadership? LOL Guess what? The failed to the tune of 750K! And you are a fan? Wow!

  33. mad-2010 says:

    “I’m a fan of these 3 commissioners.”
    How’s that? If they were on top of their jobs the mess would have been cleaned up after the lawsuit. Ongoing issues are not a sign of good leadership! Just look at the White House!

  34. jorn jensen says:

    TiredoftheBS and VerySpecialPerson, I guess we’re heading out of Ford City and back into the 911 mess. I’ve pointed out the 911 mess, for years, on this site. The Alqueda-proof facility, the massive spendings with Motorola, back-up power, lawsuit, the ‘settlement’ and so forth.

    I realize this will sound old-fashioned, but, back in the day, if we had a fire, we’d call the fire company and if we needed police, we’d call the police. Now we call someone and answer a bunch of questions as the fire burns.

    More money doesn’t make a job better. Environment is important.

    I’m a fan of these 3 commissioners – I’d like to see them take the bull by the horn and clean up that mess. Show real leadership.

  35. VerySpecialPerson says:

    I agree with Tired about 911. There are great dispatchers, but leave because of a horrible administration. They replaced one administrator (well actually just gave him another job because no one in politics is ever terminated – they are worse than the Catholic church protecting priests by moving them around) but the main person who runs the 911 center needs to go. He has caused so many problems. He’s been fired from previous jobs. The very fact he is still working is showing that this set of commissioners is no different than the previous set. I wonder what he has over on them? He held a DUI over the head of another county administrator… who now is gone to avoid the mess. If you want to blame someone, don’t blame the dispatchers. Blame the commissioners – and the fourth unelected commissioner Lucovich!

  36. tiredoftheBS says:

    Pay it back…it’s owed. Shouldn’t matter that Ford City took their sweet old time figuring things out. Besides it would be like stealing off their own people. It’s the tax payer who is ultimately paying the bill anyway.

    On another note, surprised KP didn’t report on the county salary board meeting where they decided to raise pay for trainees at the 911 center. The claim of they can’t retain people because of low pay is a joke along with the amount of money they are now going to be getting. How about terrible management and the “shenanigans” that are tolerated by management as reasons for people leaving in mass? I know two recent trainees that left not because of pay but because of the environment, along with another two full time dispatchers that are leaving. Address the issues and GOOD 911 dispatchers would never have left in the first place, eliminating the need to keep wasting money on trainees that are incompetent and “fail out” before training is finished. For anyone interested in reading the article in “the other paper” it is titled ‘County salary board approves pay grades for 911 dispatch trainees’

  37. mad-2010 says:

    Why muchtka, Why didn’t you make the 116k payment when you were council president? You and Mains should have done the deal then!

  38. jd718 says:

    Mutchka, How did you vote on this matter when you where on council?

  39. jorn jensen says:

    Actually, Mutchka, you are correct Remember, this is government dealing with government – anything goes.

    In the poll, still 2 to 1 in favor of re-payment.

  40. wolfin says:

    The previous council was given the same amount to pay it off but all they did was drag their feet and hope it would go away. At least this council knew it was better to face this problem and correct it.

  41. mutchka says:

    If we are going to do the right thing we should pay the 500 k we owed them instead of pretending to be dogooders

  42. Rainbow Rider says:

    JD, Fartman is just sticking up for his troubled, jailbird friend.

  43. Rainbow Rider says:

    Fartman, this jailbird crap is for the soon to be jailbird jensen.
    You know that, don’t act like you don’t.
    I will continue to use that term and many other terms as I see fit, which will be often.

  44. jd718 says:

    Rainbow, Make a simple change to soon to be jailbird then Cartman the peon can put a lid on it! “Are you schizophrenic?” Really, Cartman, no style points or originality points for you, sad!

  45. mad-2010 says:

    Kato Cartman, If you can make a False claim of a slur without correction then Rainbow can speak as he wishes, 2 Face!

  46. cartman says:

    What is this jailbird crap? This article has nothing to do with jail. Are you schizophrenic?

  47. savvynewshound says:

    Good job council. if we chose not to repay, I’m sure we would not be considered fro grants in the future.

  48. Rat_Smeller says:

    Respectable and upstanding people always pay their debts. They don’t look for loopholes to skirt around them.

  49. Rainbow Rider says:

    Right jailbird, they righted a wrong. Now Carol can sleep nights.
    Like you’ll be able to do after doing your time. You do feel remorse and shame for what you put this man and his family through, don’t you?
    Plus the burden you’ve placed on the taxpayers and the court system.

  50. jorn jensen says:

    So the vote in the KP poll is 2 to 1 in favor of Ford City righting this wrong. When government cheats government out of money owed, then government is cheating the taxpayer that foots the bill.

    Kudos to council for righting this wrong.

  51. jorn jensen says:

    Good move Ford City council. It was the right thing to do.

  52. jd718 says:

    Mr. Mantini I respect your integrity. Good job, Marc.

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