Ford Cliff Blamed for Ford City Flooding Issue

TWO “FORDS” COLLIDE — Ford City will seek help from storm water run-off originating on Ford Cliff streets and pouring into Ford City Borough.

A local resident says water run-off from Ford Cliff is causing issues with his Ford City property.

Robert Ware told Ford City Council that it is costing him money to have his backyard cleaned up after a storm.

“The catch basin that you have down at the bottom (of the hill) is a joke! It comes over and through it – down around my house and my garage. The only thing that stops it from going in m garage is that my foundation is high enough that the water comes up to my foundation and goes around it. Every time there is a big storm, it is costing me money to clean out my back yard. Everything that comes off of Ford Cliff comes over top of that hill, down over the hill, into the basin, and out overtop of it.”

Ware called Councilman Tyson Klukan, who verified Ware’s problem.

“There is an issue in Ford Cliff Borough,” Klukan said. “We need to meet with Ford Cliff officials. The engineers have been going back and forth. (Borough Secretary) Ms. Bitner and I, Council President, along with Borough Manager  Greenlee has been on emails asking about the flooding situation. Pictures were sent from that last flood.”

Ware told Ford City Council that something needs to happen with Ford Cliff Council.

“Something should be made up on top of Ford Cliff to keep their water up there!” Ware said emphatically. “That water just can’t come off of Ford Cliff and come over to our (place). It’s their streets. It all tunnels to one place and then down over the hill. It’s coming to my house! That’s up to Ford Cliff (to) keep their water on top of that hill! If we have to build a wall to keep it up there, then keep it up there!”

Ware told Council that he didn’t feel any type of storm water management  at the bottom of the hill would suffice.

“That water comes down with such a force that you would have to have a way bigger catch basin to catch the water before it even comes to that part of it (storm drains).”

Klukan said the matter will be addressed.

“So we need to meet with Ford Cliff officials. I do not know if they have a storm water management  system plan. We will have to address that as well with our engineers.”

Ford City Council President  Carol Fenyes said there is current discussion on the issue.

“We are in actively working with our engineer to approach Ford Cliff to get a resolution to this situation. That is as clear as I can be, Bob,” she told Ware. “We are working on it. I am sorry for the inconvenience , but we are working on it.”

However, in an interview with Borough Engineer Edward Schmitt, he said it would be end of summer before the issue would be addressed.

“(I) don’t know enough about Ford City’s flood system to worry about  where I’m at with Ford Cliff yet,” Schmitt said following the meeting. “That’s one of the things they’ve authorized us to investigate. We’ll investigate Ford City’s first and then we’ll see what at Ford Cliff, what effect it has (on the system).”

No estimate was given of the cost of Gibson-Thomas services for the investigation.

Ware had just one final question.

“When it come out there and goes through the yard, whose responsibility is it to clean up the back yard? I’m tired of paying to clean up the back yard for something I didn’t have anything to do with.”

Fenyes had one answer.

“Call the Borough,” she said.

Robert Ware said storm water is overflowing the catch basin from Ford Cliff and is landing behind his house in Ford City.