Ford City Plans for Sunday Night Vigil

With the John Ford Memorial to the left and the Ford City Cannon on the right in the background, a Memorial takes center place to remember those who served in any branch of the military from Ford City. Hundreds will gather Sunday night to participate in a 10PM candlelight vigil ceremony. It can be heard live on WTYM AM 1380 radio.

An ongoing Ford City Memorial Eve Candlelight Service will continue this Sunday, May 28.

It will be the 67th annual event held in Ford City Park along 4th Avenue. While some towns honor veterans with a parade,  such as Kittanning, Ford City has a custom of observing our fallen veterans with a candlelight ceremony.

Lights throughout the Park will be turned off and residents are urged to light candles on their porch, in a sense of nostalgia when flags were flown and almost every house had a candle.

Veterans who served and are currently in the Armstrong County Legion Honor Guard will fire a 21-Gun Salute.

The ceremony is coordinated each year by the Ford City Lions Club.

Many years ago, speaker cable was strung to large speakers at various ends of the town. The sound would echo, bouncing off the hillside and back across the Allegheny River.

However, several years ago, the Lions Club teamed up with WTYM AM 1380 radio to broadcast the service live.  Residents are encouraged to set portable radios on their porch. If at least one person on the block will turn their radio up outside, then you can hear clearly what’s going on in the park.

In addition, the station is available on smart phones and tablets. Download the free WTYM radio app to listen or listen on the website at

The ceremony will begin at 10PM and lasts approximately 20 minutes.