Kline Wins Republican Mayoral Nomination

Scott Kline became the Republican favorite for Mayor by nearly a three-to-one margin. He will be opposed in November by Sandy Bauer, who was the only candidate on the Democratic ticket.

Kline received 226 votes, Scott Davis had 85 votes, and Angelo Turco had 62 votes. Sandy Bauer had 150 votes and there were 98 write in votes.


8 comments on “Kline Wins Republican Mayoral Nomination
  1. ktown_kid says:

    They all say what you want to hear to get a vote. This town is run by clowns just like the school board. Spend, spend, spend and tax you right out of your home. Now we are getting a garbage truck that we don’t need along with an increase in rate. It’s ridiculous and they wonder why business don’t move here. There’s a thing called common sense and they lack it!

  2. north end guy says:

    I’m aware we all pay taxes, except the one that wait till there about to evict you All I meant was he try’s to tis job he see fit. And he won’t be a puppet to the counsel. And on another point,Don’t mess with your new counsel man Joe K..If he can’t straighten things out, then know body can .

  3. ToddAshbaugh says:

    Scott Kline gave up sleeping in on New Years Day for 16 years in a row for the Kittanning Polar Bear Club/American Cancer Society. He and his water rescue team were there at 7:00 a.m. setting up and stayed until the end of the event to make sure everyone came out safely. The answer was always yes when we asked Scott for help. I don’t want to start a back and forth with you @KTown Kid, just wanted to let you know that he has helped more than just the firemen in our town.

  4. ktown_kid says:

    North end guy you just said it all right there. “He tries to better the firemen in this town” I didn’t know the only people in this town that pay taxes are firemen. Now that “seems” you’re talking out the wrong end of your mouth.

  5. north end guy says:

    I don’t know what your talking about?Ktown-kid? Seams you are talking thru the wrong of you mouth. And just why do you think we could afford Scott kid? Because he trys to better the Fireman of this town? Explain your self! Who can we afford then.The right got the job!

  6. S. KLINE says:

    We did it!!! I want to thank a few folks who helped make it all possible.. my parents, my girlfriend Crystal, and the rest of my team Allison, Natasha, TJ, Matthew, my extended team my brother Kevin, Jeff Bowser and most of all YOU, the citizens of Kittanning Borough who believe in me! Without your support we would not be where we are today! On to November we go! I would also like to congratulate Ms. Bauer on her Democratic nomination and we look forward to the general election this Fall…
    The Kline
    T ogether
    E veryone
    A chieves
    M ore

  7. savvynewshound says:

    Can I assume you ran for mayor?

  8. ktown_kid says:

    That could be the worst thing for kittanning boro right now. We can’t afford to have a mayor like scott kline.

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