Local College Student Plans Big Art Show

West Kittanning native Alexis Englert is coordinating an art show tomorrow, April 22, at the Lenape Heights Golf Resort starting at 2PM.

Alexis (Lexi) Englert of West Kittanning will graduate in just a few weeks from Penn State (Behrend) in Erie. But before she can walk down the aisle, she has a major project that must be done – putting on a county-wide art show tomorrow.

“It started out as a senior design project. We all had to form an idea for an event that we had to plan. I had thought about it for awhile, but as soon as it came up, I knew I wanted to do an art show. I have friends in Kittanning who I knew were incredibly talented. I wanted to promote their work. So I tried to figure out the best way to do that. And that was holding an art show. It entailed getting several local artists from Armstrong County that had several pieces of artwork available.”

The show is scheduled from 2-4PM Saturday, April 22 at Lenape Heights Golf Resort in Manor Township. Lexi said it’s more than just an event to look, so bring your wallet.

“A lot of them will have pieces that are available (for sale). They price them out individually, so it is up to the artist. Some of them will do ‘best offer’ while others will have them priced out at a certain point. The whole point is to not just promote the exposure but to also promote by selling and actively participating in the artwork.”

Lexi said she wanted a mixture of art and not just paintings. So she turned to her friends who she knew did other forms of art.

“I had spoken with Commissioner Skamai because he does a lot of wood burning. His daughter is also submitting several pieces. She does sculpture

There will be a lot of variety tomorrow in the room.

“I have ten artists total, covering everything from pen drawings, to charcoal artwork to paintings, to sculpture. And also wood burning.”

Lexi’s degree will be in Arts Administration. Putting on a show of this magnitude was not only challenging but also expensive.

“The biggest issue with the arts is how to fund it. We all applied for different grants. Being an individual, applying for a grant is very difficult to obtain. So I don’t believe there was anyone (from the class) who got approved for any grants. From there, I took it to local businesses and approached them with proposal letters. Both Arts on the Allegheny and the Snyder Brothers were really enthusiastic about helping. And Lenape Heights has been amazing at helping me price-wise and working with me with what I could do and make the best out of it.”

Lexi has several school personnel from Penn State that will provide a final grade for her efforts.

“After the show is over, I will tell (the class) how it went, then I have to go through an evaluation process telling them what I would change, how I want to do it again, and different aspects like that.”

Upon graduation, Lexi has specific plans in mind.

“Our major is how to work with non-profits specifically in the arts. Mine is in visual arts. So I would like to work at a museum curating art shows or exhibits.”

Lexi expects between 50-100 people tomorrow, but said she would be thrilled if there are more! The show is free to the public.