Power Lines Moving to Allow for Highway Changes

Residents living in the area of Wray Plan and Lasher Road in Manor Township may see some changes being made to electric lines.

West Penn Power is busy relocating lines from the north side of the road to the south side. First Energy Communications Representative Todd Meyers explained the move.

West Penn Power line technicians carefully prepare the lines for transfer from poles on the left side of Route 422 to the right side.

“We’re in the process right now of relocating one of our lines so PennDOT can do some work. They are shifting the roadway to make things safer along Route 422 along Wray Plan Road. We are moving about 13 poles from the left hand side of Route 422 as you head out of town, not far from Sheetz. We are going to take those poles down. We have already put up some new poles on the right hand side of the road. By mid-May, the lines will be on the right hand side of the road. In another year or so, the plan is to eventually move back to the left side of the road with our permanent lines. We are doing this right now to help PennDOT to make the road safer for everyone.”

 Meyers didn’t say how many customers would be affected in the area, but it includes several businesses including Nextier Bank, the Alliance Church, and the Chief bar and restaurant.

“We are hopeful at the time that is will require no outage or just a very brief outage to de-energize and then re-energize the other side. Sometimes we have to do a momentary outage. If we do need to do an outage, they would reach out and let people know in advance.”

Meyers said work will continue over the next few weeks.

“(We will) take down one set of infrastructure and put the whole thing back up on the other side (of the highway). Whatever you see out there right now will have to be replicated on the other side, albeit temporarily – but temporarily sounds like it could be a year or more. And then we will be rebuilding back on the left-hand side (of the highway).”

Meyers said that this work is not uncommon when PennDOT does major road improvements.

“It’s pretty much routine business. We work with PennDOT a lot on projects everywhere when they widen roads, or reorient roads for whatever reason, it’s not unusual for us to do this.”

Road work for the project meant PennDOT purchased frontage of many of the homes and businesses in the area. The project is expected to conclude by 2019.