Jensen’s Petition Challenged in Court

West Franklin Township Resident Jorn Jensen wants to run in the May Primary for school board and supervisor of his township. However, there are others who want to keep him off the ballot. 

Jensen took to FaceBook to explain his predicament.

“The judge heard the case, today, against my petition for school board (and township supervisor) – the plaintiff’s basis was that although I submitted my financial disclosure with my petition at the courthouse, I failed to submit my financial disclosures at the school board secretary’s office and the township secretary’s office. It is a technicality and the courthouse past practice is to forward copies of financial disclosure to those different secretaries as necessary. In the courtroom was at least 12 people, on government payroll and on-the-clock, for the plaintiff – including the secretaries who had not received my financial disclosure – so, during the hearing, I offered them to them – and then things went silent. The judge will rule within 15 days, so at this time, I do not know if I will be on the ballot or not. What I do know is that there was a lot of taxpayer dollars spent to keep me off the ballot. Wonder why that is? These people are very concerned about having me playing in their sandbox. I think the judge saw that.”

Jensen was a candidate for Armstrong County Commissioner in 2015.


17 comments on “Jensen’s Petition Challenged in Court
  1. jorn jensen says:

    Resident, to your request as to who the “real petty and childish SOB’s” are, they are spearheaded by Joe Close, present region 2 school board director and board president, attorney Charles Pascal, West Franklin Township supervisor chairman Daryl Lewis and his secretary Billie Schall, and the school district secretary operating under the directions of Joe Close – I do not know her name. Can’t really blame the secretaries – they are acting under orders from their ‘bosses’, but they did testify. The plaintiff, Joe Close, did not testify – never said a single word. Charles Pascal had plenty to say.

  2. Marc says:

    There you have it Cartman. Nobody was keeping Jensen off the ballot. His own idiocy kept him off it.

    Two Jenny articles in two days and still none on any of the judge candidates beside Andreassi?

  3. Flamingo1 says:

    Well of course there were county people there They would have had to provide testimony as to procedure and rules if asked. So it was a technicality that was being raised. How interesting. By any other name it is the rule that must be followed. If one cannot understand and follow the rules how can one serve the public? It would be interesting and amusing to have Jorn on the school board. Not a good thing, but interesting. All of the bluster and billowing would meet the reality of what the board does. But on the other hand we do not need another Solak Know nutting’ And now he will tell us he was wire tapped by those who oppose him.

  4. opie2 says:

    Out comes the funny big red nose and funny big shoes. Fcreepy fclown

  5. Rainbow Rider says:

    So, is a person’s Facebook rant is now considered news? I mean, no reporter talked to anyone, asked any questions, got the other side of things, didn’t even write a story. It’s not much of a news source then.

  6. Resident says:

    I would also just like to add that the people who brought this legal challenge against Mr Jensen are some real petty and childish SOBs.
    I hope every one of their names is publicly published so we can all see who these people are and what a petty lot they are.

  7. Resident says:

    Well, I’ve ran for public office before and have had my name appear on the ballot. I never knew you had to turn your financial disclosures into the local secretary. I doubt any of my opponents have done this either. You simply go to the Court House and do it there, once.
    If Jensen loses this case it opens up an interesting box of worms. Every sitting School Board member, Twp supervisor, and Borough council member could have their election challenged by going the local secretaries and demanding to see the financial records of each current board member submitted directly to the secretary prior to their election.
    Mr Croyle, you are a sitting Borough Councilman. Tell us honestly, did you submit a financial disclosure form directly to the borough secretary or did you just do it once at the Court House like everyone else does?

  8. steve says:

    Cartman- It appears that Jenny kept himself off of the ballot by not filing the same paperwork required by everyone else at the time it was due. That’s hardly a conspiracy. Technically Jenny is wasting your tax money by filing a frivolous petition if not filing on time leaves him no legal recourse to be placed on the ballot.

  9. mad-2010 says:

    Cartman, Nobody here is talking about Repubs or Libs but You, Typical!! Cartman, What percentage of your D*mn tax money is being used in this case?

  10. cartman says:

    I am not surprised that the libs are trying to keep Jorn off the ballot. Typical. I do resent it if my tax money is being used. I think that Jorn is what the school board needs. I did not know that a person could hold two elected offices. I learned something today.

  11. blutoblutarsky says:


    Requesting to be the center of an article that puts forth conspiracy theories on the KP site isn’t what I would consider honorable. If Jensen wants to make comments like that I think it’s fair to ask for proof of these allegations.

    Also, if you offer forms at a hearing that were required to be filed prior to the hearing, they shouldn’t be accepted. Rules are rules.

  12. Rainbow Rider says:

    Grandiose conspiracy theories, inability to separate reality from fantasy,
    symptoms of Schizophrenia? , Dementia?
    I haven’t heard these types of theories since Hunter S. Thompson and G. Gordon Liddy.

  13. jd718 says:

    “These people are very concerned about having me playing in their sandbox.”

    Anybody that read the Fjennys’ comments over time would rather Fjenny plays somewhere else!!

  14. mark says:

    Mr. Jensen has the right, as any of us do, to petition for office. If he failed to do so correctly, the mistake is in the judges hands, not ours. I will say that he has, as few do, made the effort to join the ranks of our school/political system and I hope he spends less time here bickering and calling names as doing so takes away from one`s credibility and is imo fruitless. I, as many, do get frustrated with the decisions/actions of our elected/appointed officials and taking action, as Mr. Jensen is trying to do, is more honorable than me getting online and whining about it. I assure you I have no intentions of becoming part of our political school system but i do monitor them. I think all of our leaders know the difference between right and wrong and do sometimes make poor decisions not unlike myself. I trust the judge in this case will do the right/legal/moral thing.

  15. Flamingo1 says:

    It would be interesting to know who filed the complaint and which judge heard the case.

  16. steve says:

    Marc- It does appear he screwed up. If so, I don’t understand the public sob story. If he didn’t file the paperwork correctly he shouldn’t expect special treatment.

  17. Marc says:

    I challenge Jenny to provide a cost sheet of the taxpayer dollars “spent to keep him off the ballot.” I doubt he has any factual evidence to this claim and it’s nothing more than his dimwitted opinion as usual.

    It appears he didn’t meet the same requirements that other candidates were able to. If this is true, the only advice I have for him is, suck it up buttercup. YOU made another mistake.

    Typical Jenny.

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