Jensen’s Petition Challenged in Court

West Franklin Township Resident Jorn Jensen wants to run in the May Primary for school board and supervisor of his township. However, there are others who want to keep him off the ballot. 

Jensen took to FaceBook to explain his predicament.

“The judge heard the case, today, against my petition for school board (and township supervisor) – the plaintiff’s basis was that although I submitted my financial disclosure with my petition at the courthouse, I failed to submit my financial disclosures at the school board secretary’s office and the township secretary’s office. It is a technicality and the courthouse past practice is to forward copies of financial disclosure to those different secretaries as necessary. In the courtroom was at least 12 people, on government payroll and on-the-clock, for the plaintiff – including the secretaries who had not received my financial disclosure – so, during the hearing, I offered them to them – and then things went silent. The judge will rule within 15 days, so at this time, I do not know if I will be on the ballot or not. What I do know is that there was a lot of taxpayer dollars spent to keep me off the ballot. Wonder why that is? These people are very concerned about having me playing in their sandbox. I think the judge saw that.”

Jensen was a candidate for Armstrong County Commissioner in 2015.