School District May Incur More Debt

A series of upcoming Armstrong School District renovations and improvements may lead to some new borrowing in the coming weeks.

To pay for energy-saving renovations to two district elementary schools and improve West Shamokin Junior-Senior High and it’s athletic stadium, Armstrong School District board directors will reportedly consider authorizing a resolution to borrow up to $14 million.

A decision is to be considered as soon as Monday evening’s regular board meeting at West Hills Intermediate School in East Franklin Township.

During a special meeting last week, school directors approved to continue working toward $9.3 million in renovations at Shannock Valley Elementary School in Rural Valley this Summer. Another nearly-$800,000 worth of repairs would be done as part of Phase Two of the project.

In August, school directors received a 21-page report of possible energy solutions to Shannock Valley and Eldertion Elementary schools

School officials have discussed postponing Elderton Elementary renovations instead of coordinating both projects in 2017, School Superintendent Chris DeVivo and Finance and Operations Director Sam Kirk previously said.

36 comments on “School District May Incur More Debt
  1. jd718 says:

    Thank you Steve….. Well said…..

  2. Rainbow Rider says:

    Snott has his nose back in jenny’s fold. I had hoped he’d seen the light. And yes he put yet another post containing sexual overtones. He has a history of doing this and sometimes describes unnatural acts.
    This is another example of why not to use a real name. Now we can all see that snott, despite the high moral ground he tries to stand on, must have a perverted side and enjoy perversions.
    Fartman is another so inflicted individual.

  3. blutoblutarsky says:

    Wow Starr… I didn’t see the post, but it had to have been a doozy to get deleted.

  4. steve says:

    Admin- I’m very surprised you published Scott Starr’s vulgar post.

    In reference to the non-vulgar portion of the post:
    Scott, none of the people you listed are running for school board or claimed that they were running for the students. Also, some of those people you mentioned have actually posted on this site about the education of ASD students.

    Your post was not only made an offensive reference to a sexual act, it wasn’t correct.

  5. jd718 says:

    Hey, The Fjeeny story went MIA, what gives?

  6. Rainbow Rider says:

    I heard Fjenny was in court yesterday over his school board bid.
    Beware the ides of March !

  7. blutoblutarsky says:

    Steve- Jenny will never answer your question because when he made those two contradictory comments, it blew his SB76 argument right out of the water.

    Marc- Perfect comment.

  8. Rainbow Rider says:

    Marc, excellent analysis of Fjenny’s bid for school board!

  9. steve says:

    What Jenny? No comment on those taxpaying tenants or mysterious non-payers you can’t identify? Lol

  10. Marc says:

    This is all you need to know about 867-5309’s bid for school board:

    *At least a thousand posts on this site regarding school taxes
    *Zero posts regarding concerns over the type of education students receive in the ASD.

  11. blutoblutarsky says:

    Jenny doesn’t care about education, the students in the ASD or who pays as long as it’s not him.

    Mel Marin said he’s going to top Jenny this time around since it was such a nail biter last time.

  12. worthingtonman says:

    Sabrina you thought the county should keep losing money on the Health Center but now you are worried about county tax money??????? You have no credibility on the subject of responsible county or tax dollar spending

  13. mad-2010 says:

    Hey Fjenny, Crickets, Crickets, coming from your claim about people losing their homes to school property taxes!! Again, Fjenny, how many property (home owners) lost their homes because of school property taxes in the year 2016? It’s unsubstantiated claims like the one above are just one of the reasons you should not be on the school board!! How about Senate Bill 229 anything to say on this Bill? Will you fess-up to the fact that you are also anti-union, the Teachers will likely want to know!!

  14. steve says:

    Also, Jenny has as much of a chance at getting on the school board as he did at being elected a commissioner. Worthingtonman’s post was perfect.

    Opie- I think the board doesn’t have to worry about that particular creepy clown.

  15. steve says:

    In the past Jenny stated that property taxes are already being paid by tenants via rent, but also opined that his bill will force people who aren’t paying to pay their fair share. He has yet to tell us who isn’t currently paying.

    What we do know is that his bill ensures people with multiple properties no longer pay their fair share as well as corporations. The bill shows no way to decrease school expenditures, so who gets to pick up the tab?

    If Jensen was so confident in this bill passing he would have taken my bet.

  16. sabrinafair says:

    Ok, I can’t post what I really want to post without causing a firestorm…. This is just crazy.. borrowing more money from an already depressed county? Raising taxes AGAIN… This is insane… School board needs to focus on education and not money…

  17. jd718 says:

    Sick, ” At least Jensen has an opinion and throws his hat in the ring to try and make the changes he thinks are needed.” The changes Fjenny wants are always self-serving!! Fjennys’ backside seems to always be red because of the lipstick You always place there!! LOL

  18. mad-2010 says:

    Fjenny said: “People are losing their homes to this tax-rent on homes called school property taxes and you probably think that is okay just like your buddy governor Wolf.” Per your logic, it’s projected that 15 million people will lose healthcare under Trumpcare, so, then, you probably think that is okay just like your buddy Trump? Some logic, huh? Stop the Smellyanne Conjob spin and tell us, how many homes were lost due to school property taxes in the year 2016??

  19. Rainbow Rider says:

    Fjenny, what are you worried about? Like you said ” sb76 will pass in 2017, this will put pressure on the house to pass hb76 ” .
    Once these pass you won’t have to pay much anymore.
    You’ll keep living miserly and those of us who buy things and keep the economy going will be stuck paying for your house, property, and that other house you own and pay the taxes on in Worthington.
    The decision you made to do that is what makes your taxes so high you know.
    Doh !!

  20. mad-2010 says:

    Same Old-Same-Old, Fjenny! “People are losing their homes to this tax-rent on homes called school property taxes.” Show us some stats, Fjenny! How many lost their homes in 2016?

  21. jorn jensen says:

    You do that Worthingtonman. Stick up for your tax-and-spend buddy Joe. People are losing their homes to this tax-rent on homes called school property taxes and you probably think that is okay just like your buddy governor Wolf.

    Then take a break and go have another cigarette.

  22. sickofpayingforit says:

    Well, I will say this. At least Jensen has an opinion and throws his hat in the ring to try and make the changes he thinks are needed. The converse of this is the other 99.9%, myself included, who just complain about everything.

    Who should be making fun of who?

  23. worthingtonman says:

    I know many many people in Worthington and Kittanning. I will put my Many social networks to use to expose Jenny for his tightwad greedy mentality. Let him take you back to the one room school house. Let him tell you the old we coulda gave the money back story….. that campaign is doomed from the start. We need people that care about the people and students. Not just their wallets.

  24. mark says:

    And the list of delinquent property tax residents keeps growing.
    The Leader Times will soon need a special printing to publish them all.
    My home needs new windows and shingles. I think I`ll just build a new one.
    Oh, wait! I have to pay for it, not all the county property owners. Eh, forget it then. I`ll endure the shame of living in an older home.

  25. mad-2010 says:

    I can imagine Fjenny’s stance on the Pennsylvania Legislature Plans To Take Away Teachers’ Sick Days and Senate Bill 229!!

  26. mad-2010 says:

    To Make Pennsylvania Great Again! Keep Fjenny Jensen out of any political positions where he can interject his political biased mentality!

  27. jd718 says:

    The Fjenny campaign slogan: (I Will Repeal & Replace The School Director, Believe Me) LOL

  28. jorn jensen says:

    Swat the hornet nest and they all come out a’buzzing. The Monte has 210,000 miles and keeps on a going like the Energizer Bunny. Yes, I’m running for school board. This area needs a representative that is not related to any teacher, either direct or distant. My pledge to the taxpayers is that I will represent the taxpayers and the students – that would be a major change for this school board. We’ll pass SB76 in 2017 and then the House of Representatives will realize that they need to fall in line and pass HB 76. Make Pennsylvania Great Again!

  29. watchdog15 says:

    Tax payers need to hold multiple rallies and carry signs. No more spending if it raises taxes. Hold White, Pyle and Oberlander accountable to pass property tax reform. This county is devastated by high property taxes and no jobs. No business will move here! It will only change if tax payers speak out. Especially those on fixed incomes.

  30. mad-2010 says:

    Rainbow, I can’t wait to be part of the Opposition to the Fjenny school director bid…….

  31. opie2 says:

    Creepy Clown on school board?

  32. Rainbow Rider says:

    mad2010, exactly!! Maybe he’ll have a corvette raffle to pay for his campaign!!! LOL
    Or, maybe he’ll raffle off the Monte clunker!! LOL

  33. mad-2010 says:

    Rainbow, Are saying fjeeny will be running for school director??? Say it ain’t so…. Just what Armstrong County needs a Clown Suit school director who worries about traffic after a football game! LOL

  34. Rainbow Rider says:

    What fool’s Fjenny?? Rumor has it that an even bigger Fjool is running for school director ??!!

  35. jd718 says:

    Upgrade the FCHS football field and then spent the rest on necessary school renovations! Be responsible for once…..

  36. jorn jensen says:

    This is nor news. It is just a continuation of this school board’s normal song.

    Instead of going further into debt, why not consider abandoning plans for the sports complex at the new school and use that money to make the energy upgrades at these other schools? I guess none of the 9 school directors can figure that one out.

    Put the sports stadium on hold, hire consultants and architects to study how the hell you’re going to conduct traffic in and out of that facility before and after a football game. What fools!

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