West Franklin Angler Organizes Sport Expo

By Jonathan Weaver

More than two dozen local outdoorsmen and anglers will be selling their wares and giving tips and advice Sunday in Worthington.

Ed Totin, of West Franklin Township, organized the Sport Show and Expo this Sunday at Worthington Civic Center.

“How I came up with the idea was that my son (12-year-old Ethan) was invited to attend a Trout Unlimited fly-tying class. They would teach them a course on fly tying for free and actually at the end of the course taught them how to use a fly rod. There were eight kids there and I thought to myself, ‘Wow, a lot of people are missing the boat here,’” Totin said.

“I took that idea and said ‘Can we do this on a larger scale?’ I wanted to keep it local – I didn’t want to go outside of our community. Trying to do some positive things in light after all the negative things that have been happening.”

Totin met local angler Chad Hough at one of those Trout Unlimited classes, and the former local chapter president agreed to teach participants about wild brown trout this weekend from 9-10AM.

Hough – a Manor Township fly fisherman since 1991 – , has also given presentations in the past.

“My talk and my interest is on the natural reproduction streams. I don’t really fish where they stock trout – I help with that, but my real love is to kind-of get away from everybody and find remote areas that have trout,” Hough said. “My talk is going to be on the strategy I’ve developed over the past 10 years on where/how to find these fish.

“There are a lot of streams in Pennsylvania that people don’t know have these fish. Some are documented, some aren’t.”

Freelance Fishing Writer Jeff Knapp will also speak about bass and walleye from 11AM-noon.

As of last week, Totin hopes to have a plethora of guest speakers, including about archery and rattlesnake hunting.
“We should have ongoing guest speakers from 9AM-2PM,” Totin said.

Admission is free, but local and regional outdoorsman will also have tables of new, used and collectable merchandise available for sale. Totin will also have a table.

“Local lure makers are going to be there, because I wanted this to be about community,” Totin said.

Tournament angler David Robinson will also bring his bass boat to view.

Plenty of giveaways and donated items by manufacturers will also be given away free of charge.

The event begins at 9AM in the Worthington civic Center gymnasium, with Hough’s discussion in the Worthington Community Library classroom.