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Monday February 27th 2017

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Kittanning Borough Income Surveys Being Distributed

Some Kittanning Borough officials may be asked to complete income surveys within the next month.

According to Planning and Development Program Manager Sally Conklin, officials will be going door-to- door with income surveys for the residents who live along East High Street.

The Borough intends to seek funding to reconstruct East High Street and will need to provide current estimates of the incomes of the residents of the service area.

Surveys should be returned to the Armstrong County Department of Planning and Development by March 10.

All information will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Residents with questions can contact Conklin at 724-548-3223 between 8AM and 4PM Monday through Friday.

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30 Responses to “Kittanning Borough Income Surveys Being Distributed”

  1. Marc says:

    Rainbow- He also took in a round with Rory McIlroy, which for unknown reasons was hidden until Mr. McIlroy mentioned it in an interview. I don’t mind someone golfing (especially in this case. It keeps him off Twitter and away from buttons he shouldn’t be pressing). I only mention it because conservatives made such a huge deal about Obama golfing. To compare, Trump has 6 rounds in during his first month. Obama didn’t play his first round for three months.

    You can easily say that there was no heavy dose of business mixed in his round with a non-political/ foreign citizen/ professional athlete. It’s odd to see the amount of free passes Trump supporters give him for things they demonized Obama for.

    I am curious about your last comment. What has he done that you’re referring to?

  2. mad-2010 says:

    @jd718, 1. How many laws have been passed under the Trump administration?

    2. The last administration passed into law the ACA which this administration is struggling to repeal and replace!
    This administration probably will only, at best, amend the ACA! The Republican Congress has had years to come up with a plan, why are they struggling?

    3. The last administration brought this Country back from a recession.

    4. The last administration deported 2.5 million illegal immigrants! How many have now been deported under the Trump administration, thus far?

    I could go on and on to support your post, but, why would I need to? To say that this present administration has done more at this time than the last two in their entire terms, is a Ridiculous claim, to say the least….

  3. jd718 says:

    Just read about a group of lawyers forming a “Worst Case Scenario” group in case the T-Rump administration would abuse it’s powers! The group is called: United to Protect Democracy!

    Rainbow I agree with your posts most times, but:

    “He’s been very busy and done more in a month than the 2 previous Presidents did in their entire terms.” This statement just is not correct, and has been fact-checked.

  4. Rainbow Rider says:

    Marc, Shinzo Abe is the leader of Japan and he and President Trump golfed together. It’s not like Trump has been sitting on his hands for God’s sake. He’s been very busy and done more in a month than the 2 previous Presidents did in their entire terms. You may or may not agree with what he’s done, but he’s done it.

  5. blutoblutarsky says:

    Marc- You’re right. Trump did play golf with Rory this past weekend and he’s absolutely not the leader of Japan. It also doesn’t matter if Trump is vacationing at his own home or not. The costs are in moving all of the people, supplies and equipment needed to provide security. Even though he’s wealthy, I highly doubt his resort was built with this level of security in mind.

    That being said, rainbow riders Fjenny posts were fantastic!

  6. jd718 says:

    Nice to see everyone still at it…. How come nobody is saying anything about T-Rump’s lawyer Michael Cohen giving him a peace plan for Ukraine that he delivered to then-National Security Adviser Mike Flynn. The Russian connection! Or Paul Manaford Pal Dmitry Firtash’s extradition by the FBI, another T-Rump Putin connection!

    I see Old Fjenny is still stuck on his snowflake bit! LOL A lot of Repub Hypocrisy going on in this thread !! LOL

  7. Marc says:

    Rainbow- I must say that your last two posts were incredibly accurate representations of Jenny. The only items you forgot to mention were a Corvette raffle and pseudonyms.

    If you copy and past these daily it should free up some time for him.

  8. Marc says:

    Rory McIlroy is the leader of Japan now? I’ll be damned.

  9. Rainbow Rider says:

    I must add, Fjord City, West Franklin Township circus tent, football stadium, whiners, I give these three commissioners a passing grade, and, place of imbibement.

  10. Rainbow Rider says:

    Well, Monday passed without a single Fjenny post.
    So I’ll do my best impersonation of a jensen-esque post in case anyone missed his whining rants.
    Property taxes, school board, SB 76, HB 76, agenda, stealthy agenda, Don White, Pyle, Obama, Pelosi, liberals, sunshine law, snowflakes, melting snowflakes,and military service.

  11. Rainbow Rider says:

    Jerryslick, we all found out how accurate your stuff is when you called Mar-A-Lago Key Largo. He is at his own residence in Florida so I doubt it costs much. Secret Service would be protecting him anyway no matter where he is so that’s not a factor. He wasn’t vacationing there, he was interviewing four candidates for National Security Advisor. He had a rally that probably took a half hour of his time. His wife and son will get the services and protection they deserve just as every other wife and kids of the President has gotten. I saw him play a round of golf with the leader of Japan but that was a heavy dose of business mixed in with a little golf. Got anything else?

  12. Marc says:


    “Socialism at its best. Kittanning should fix its own street. That’s my belief.”

    Shouldn’t you pay your own taxes then instead of pushing that SB76 dud? LOL


  13. Marc says:

    Gentleman, In just one month T-rump has had to deal with Bowling Green, Atlanta AND Sweden. After these fierce attacks the poor little guy needs to have the weekends off for golf and presenting classified documents to members of his country club.

    It’s interesting to think how 45 is going to MAGA with all of the time he puts into weekend Florida trips, watching the news (+SNL) and tweeting.

  14. Rat_Smeller says:

    Jerry –

    I didn’t hear you complaining much when Michelle and the girls took numerous overseas trips on the taxpayers dime. As far as where Melania and their son are living, I believe that the plan is for them to join Trump at the White House after school is out and then they are moving down to D.C. so I’ll revisit this subject then. As far as going to Florida every weekend. It’s getting excessive. Camp David – a federal facility used by every other President since its inception is a helicopter ride away and better equipped to handle the President’s security needs, etc than Bushwood south is and you won’t have Judge Smails taking pictures of the guy that “Carries the Football”.

  15. jerry6 says:

    Every time Trump goes to Florida for the week-end, it costs the taxpayers 3 million dollars and the people are not happy because it costs the county down there $60,000 a day. It costs $500,000 a day to protect his wife and son in New York.
    Saw Trump while campaigning complaining about Obama golfing so much. He has been in office three weeks and has been golfing every week-end. Trump said there would be so much to do that he would never leave the White House.

  16. Marc says:

    Jenny calls everyone else snowflakes, but he’s the only one on this thread that needs a double dose of Midol. Everyone else found their sense of humor and is having a good laugh.


  17. worthingtonman says:

    Me a snowflake! Huh. You are so funny. Clueless. Not everyone who is tired of your stupid crap is a liberal!!

  18. jorn jensen says:

    Okay, snowflakes, you obviously don’t want to discuss the meat of the article. ktown_kid seems to get it.

    Whether the money comes locally or from state grants, it is taxes – taxes collected from taxpayers. If an area proves itself poor via income surveys, then liberal utopia is found – the money comes from somewhere else. In this case, if the people on that road can prove themselves poor enough, then people from Wexford can pay for the road repair in Kittsnning by paying their taxes to the state and then the state can be the great provider to fix Kittanning’s Road since Kittanning can’t do it. Right?

    Socialism at its best. Kittanning should fix its own street. That’s my belief.

  19. jerry6 says:

    I know this is a different topic that this is under before you critize. Just watched a little of Trumps news conference, if you can call it that. I can’t stand Trump so I only watched a little of it. He is the most arrogant, conceited person I have ever heard. A man in the know said he has been watching theses conferences years way back when and he said it was the most classless thing he has ever heard. Trump is a liar and like I said before, Howard Stern said he has known Trump for a long time and he will have a nervous breakdown because he can’t stand to loose or be shown up. If he wants to unite this country, he needs to stop campaigning and quit acting like he is still running for president and stop bragging about himself. It was okay when he called for Wipileaks to go against Hillary but now that there are leaks against his people it is wrong. He is nothing but a big joke.

  20. Rainbow Rider says:

    Fjenny, fjoking?, Or are you just a Fjacka$s? Like I said before, you are an example of why not to use a real name on here. Remember? I said ” look at the a$s you make of yourself on a daily basis ” remember?

  21. Marc says:

    What is there to discuss? The rest of Armstrong County understands the concept of the income surveys. Looks like you weren’t joking.

    What will you cite next? Alternative Fjacts? LOL

  22. jorn jensen says:

    Any of you melting snowflakes, worthingtonman included, want to discuss the meat of the article above?

  23. blutoblutarsky says:

    Nice backpedal Jenny! You were joking around… riiiight haha

  24. steve says:

    Well Jensen, you asked what difference it makes and Worthingtonman told you. Good thing you used your full name to show the rest of Armstrong County how little you actually know!

    If you’re still having trouble understanding what Worthy meant you should call one of your fjorty years worth of business contacts to explain it to you.

  25. Marc says:

    Jenny says that he thinks the socialists would be all over this article. In reality EVERYONE is all over his idiotic comment.

    For an encore maybe he can tell us again how the renters that already pay taxes are going to finally start paying taxes with the “Jenny doesn’t have to pay his fair share” tax bill. LOL

  26. jorn jensen says:

    Of course I know that you two clowns. Neither of you have any sense of humor, do you?

    It is the same way school districts are state-supported – based upon how ‘poor’ the area is.

    So, then, do you know the state percentage of support for ASD? Around 50%.

  27. worthingtonman says:

    You mean the all knowing Jensen is stumped?? If there are enough low income residents the town can receive governmental funding. They do this every time they try to repair streets. And you want to be in government?? You better study up on that.

  28. Rainbow Rider says:

    Fjenny , if you don’t know the reason for income surveys then this represents a new height of stupidity for you. I won’t even explain…And you wanted to be commissioner LOL , school board member LOL !!!

  29. jorn jensen says:

    I don’t understand what difference resident income makes in the repair of a street. Public roadways are funded by a pooling of tax dollars and supposedly spent on need and existing roadway condition. If they’re all high-income, then when the road is repaired, is it only high-income people allowed to use the road? You’d think the socialists would be all over this article.

  30. ktown_kid says:

    What does your income have to do with fixing this street? With the lack of winter maintenance and other maintenance, the Boro should be able to pay cash for the street!

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