Ford City Sewage Authority Loses Lawsuit


A Westmoreland County contractor was issued judgment against the Ford City Borough Municipal Sewage Disposal Authority last week.

Closing arguments in a civil law suit between S & E Utility Contracting, Inc – of Harrison City -and the Ford City Borough Municipal Sewage Disposal Authority were given on Wednesday, January 19.

That afternoon, jurors returned with a verdict – awarding S&E Utility Contracting $395,224.03 resulting from the Ford City authority’s breach of the parties’ agreement – according to court documents.

Court documents show a civil action was first filed in mid-April of 2012.

The case involved claims and counterclaims that have been submitted during the past four years regarding payment from the Ford City Borough Municipal Sewage Disposal Authority to S&E Utility Contracting, Inc. S&E Utility Contracting was the original contractor in the nearly-$2 million sewer separation project in the borough.

Notice to proceed on the separation project was issued in December 2010 for the installation of new sanitary sewers and appurtenances along 5th Avenue, including asphalt paving restoration.

In September 2011, Sewage Authority members unanimously voted to advertise for bids for the sidewalk restoration work to compete with S&E Utility Contracting.

Former Sewage Authority President Terry Tokarek, Authority Engineer David Nichols, of Nichols and Slagle Engineering, along with other witnesses appeared for questioning during the trial.

Frank Wolfe, Attorney for the Ford City Authority, refused comment about the trial.

S&E Utility Contracting and their attorney, Robert M. Palumbi, of Pittsburgh, were not available for comment.

It is unknown at this time if there will be an appeal.