Drug Awareness Group Expanding to Parker

An Apollo-based drug awareness/education group is expanding to the northern-most part of Armstrong County.

Residents Against Illicit Drugs (RAID) – a nonprofit organization established in Summer 2015 – is forming a new chapter with a similar vision in the city of Parker.

Parker Councilwoman Kim Palmer also hopes to take the drug prevention message to the area along the Armstrong/Clarion line to try and prevent further drug crimes with local residents.

The original organization – established by Apollo Borough Mayor Jeff Held – envisions new chapters as “the most effective means to reach more people quickly using tactics that can be uniquely tailored to their needs and concerns,” he wrote in a press release.

Residents interested in volunteering with the Parker chapter of RAID can reach Palmer at Parker.RAID@yahoo.com with their name, phone number and e-mail address.

RAID attracted more than two dozen members and an established network of drug addiction agencies and county elected officials and obtained non-profit status this past-January.

RAID meets monthly for business meetings, public training and other outreach programs – such as a Thanksgiving meal last month that fed more than 200 – in the social hall of the Apollo Assembly of God on First Street.