Sexual Predator Lurks on Social Media

Investigations continue in a sexual abuse case reported to Trooper Maurer of the Pennsylvania State Police of Kittanning.

An unknown person was traced back to a fake Facebook profile after sexually harassing and attempting to extort money from a 16-year-old boy from Rural Valley. Over a three-hour period on August 3, the suspect and victim sent messages include nude pictures through Facebook and Skype. The suspect used the photos as blackmail against the victim, saying that he or she would post the pictures on the Internet or send them to the victim’s family members.

The victim reported the incident to the Pennsylvania State Police.

Teenagers and parents of younger children are warned to use caution when on the Internet. Police stress safety tips telling minors not to “like” or “friend” people who they do not know.

Anyone with information on the suspect is urged to call the Pennsylvania State Police of Kittanning at 724-543-2011.