BENNETT: “It Will Never Happen Here”

by Jack Bennett

I have heard it all. “He’s a gun nut. All he worries about is losing his guns. I still have my two pistols and 6 rifles, I haven’t lost any guns.”  That’s all I hear from the disbelievers about Obama and gun control.

Please read the following letter to me from Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights, Fredericksburg, VA:

“The U.N.’s first annual report on the “Small Arms Treaty” is due the last week of May 2016. This report will detail how well countries have complied with the Treaty during its first year of existence and identify ongoing problems.”

As you know President Obama signed this Treaty.

“You and I both know the gun-grabbers will instantly point to the United States as their key hurdle, and demand immediate Treaty adoption.”

All that stands between this Treaty and our guns is ratification by the U.S. Senate

“With President Obama in the last year of his presidency, his number one priority has been the U.N.’s Small Arms Treaty. Article V of the Treaty mandates countries establish a National Control List, also known as a national gun registration database. We both know that gun registration is just a first step toward outright CONFISCATION.

“This goal is already being prepared to take the next step which includes: 1. Mandated national ‘screening’ for all seeking to own guns. 2. Licenses for guns and ammo sales. (including bans on certain types of guns (semi-auto). 3. Restrictions on how many guns and how much ammo properly licensed individuals may legally own.  4. Bans on magazines holding more than ten rounds. 5. Bans on owning a firearm for self defense.

“The stakes couldn’t be higher and already, parts of the U.N.’s radical agenda are slipping through covertly. And the President’s Executive Orders are all rooted in the demands of the U. N’s Treaty.

“In fact, Obama’s State Department (did I mention who the Secretary of State is?) even ragged that Project Gun Runner and Operation Fast and Furious are implementation of the U.N.’s agenda. A show down is coming and we must do everything in our power to protect or rights. We must keep the heat on Congress to insure that this vote, when it comes, and it will, protects our rights and freedoms. Contact your representatives and senators and tell them to vote ‘No’ to the U.N. Small Arms treaty.”


(The views expressed are those of the author)