BENNETT: Face Book and Politically Correctness

by Jack Bennett

The following interview came from “The Guardian” and explains why Wendy Bell was fired and why Trump is so appealing to crossover voters.

In my opinion, Wendy Bell was fired to be politically correct with maybe a touch of budget cutting at the same time.

Why Trump? Here is what a young Hispanic attorney (age 29, from Florida) has to say. “On paper, I probably look like a guaranteed Cruz or Rubio vote. I’m a millennial woman, my parents immigrated from Castro’s Cuba., I work as a trial attorney in Miami and I’m a born-again Christian. But I’m voting for Donald Trump and I’ve convinced all my friends and family to do so as well.”

Before he ran, the lefts’ stranglehold on the national conversation of what is or isn’t tolerable was getting stronger by the minute. It was the year of Caitlyn Jenner( Sex Change), Rachel Dolezal, (Activist) Black Lives Matter. Anyone who even hinted at disapproval was exiled. Every week, someone would dare to blurt out something un-PC, and the media would absolutely crucify them. It had me thinking this wasn’t it. We’ve lost. How on earth can we hope to defeat these people, with their complete domination of the national conversation and relentless narrative of “Progress! Tolerance! Acceptance!”?

Political correctness is the birthplace of disasters, un-American policies that will destroy the country in a death by a thousand cuts.

But here comes Trump, the first person who didn’t even blink when the machine turns its’ sights on him. He didn’t just fight back. He chewed it up and spit it out. .

There you have it, Wendy! Take a play out of Mr. Trump’s book and go after WTAE.

Remember, the best defense is a good offense.



The views expressed are those of the author.