BENNETT: It’s Time for Universal “Knife” Registration!

by Jack Bennett

Mass stabbing go pretty much unnoticed in the media, so it is with little recognition that the stabbing at Franklin Regional High School in suburban Pittsburgh (over 5 years ago) brings to the forefront the conclusion that a logical, reasonable and common sense knife control program must be enacted for the protection of all citizens.

According to law enforcement statistics roughly 20,000 people a year die from stabbing in Great Britain.

Other attacks in the United States include: Lone Star College is Texas where a spree wounded 14 students, some critical. The weapon in Texas was described as a razor-edged instrument. That sounds like a box cutter to me.

In Maricopa County, Arizona, Jodie Arias stabbed her boyfriend (of that moment) 27 times before finally dispatching him with a gun.

A bouncer in Scottsdale, Arizona lost his life due to stabbing.

It’s obviously time to call on Harry Reid and Diane Feinstein to introduce legislation banning the sale of knives or other sharp instruments. (Maybe, we’ll ban pressure cookers while we are at it).

At the very least, and if we only save one person, knife registration will prove to all that we (in the government) are doing “something” about the stabbing. Heaven forbid that we might actually try to fix what is broken, like mental health care.

If we follow Great Britain lead into government-run healthcare, then we could ban cutlery, especially the scary looking ones with the black handles.

Ban those “assault” kitchen knives now says emergency room doctors in Great Britain.

There is no reason for long pointed knives to be openly available to all.. If the loss of knives cuts down the consumption of beef, all the better.

Just what will a ban on knifes do to reduce killings? Well, guns are already outlawed in Great Britain, and that obviously does not stop murders. It is now necessary to ban knives.

And after that……..why there is no limit to what the government can do to keep us safe. Just think of the Native American Indian treaties and how wonderfully run those programs are.

What I do know is that no knife, gun, ball bat or hammer does much damage to anyone until it comes under the control of some deranged nut.

What about the perpetrator’s mental state? Probably nothing will happen there as it would take money and perseverance to prevent any of the above listed types of murder and we have neither.

So let’s register those knifes so we can confiscate then and prove we (the government) are doing “something” to fix the rising death toll.

Why is it that where there are more guns there is less crime? Our own county is a prime example being the 4th largest per capita gun owning county in the United States. Think about it!




The views expressed are those of the author.