BENNETT: Open Letter Issued

by Jack Bennett

To the People of Commonwealth of Virginia; Governor Terry McAuliffe; Attorney General Mark Herring; and State Legislature:

Have you read that the Commonwealth of Virginia is cancelling its Concealed Carry Reciprocity Agreements with 25 states – Pennsylvania among them?

The move was announced on December 22, 2015 by the Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring. This move follows an audit conducted by the AG’s office and the state police. This audit requires both agencies to determine whether the other states’ permits meet the standards for Virginia.

The first thing that comes to my mind is: Wouldn’t (shouldn’t) that have been done before the agreement was entered into? So, was someone not doing their job before or is someone on a “witch hunt” now?

As the Washington Post reported, “that Virginia’s radically-anti-gun Democrats are moving forward with a plan to strip the basic human right of self-defense from those who travel through the state.” Specific details about what provisions in other states that qualify those states as weaker than Virginia have not been provided.,

With Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe’s election funded by no less that $1.1 million in donations from a political action committee funded by former New York Mayor (Anti-gun) Michael Bloomberg and the governor’s immediate push for expanded gun control legislation which tanked in a Republican-controlled senate, McAuliffe has turned to controversial executive actions on gun measures while continuing to call for more to be done.

When I hear the wording “common sense step”, I know immediately that this man has his own agenda to fulfill on gun control no matter what the people say.

I personally would like to see the statistics on how many out-of-state concealed carry holders were involved in some type of law breaking and compare that to the Virginia CCP statistics.

Let’s call them as we see them. Bloomberg money was a significant factor in the election of both the Virginia governor and the AG and “this” is payback. There is no rational reason for any of these gun restrictions. There is not a single incident of an out-of-state permit holder is mis-behaving in Virginia. There are no incidences of anyone misbehaving with a firearm in a Virginia government building. (as reported by the

Gun control is by any other name, still gun control and “common sense” as commented by the Governor is the word used when he runs out of excuses.

Wake up people, your rights are disappearing right before your eyes!


The views expressed are those of the author.