BENNETT: 2015 – The Year in Review

by Jack Bennett

How was 2015 for you? Depending to whom you ask that question will very definitely determine what kind of an answer you get back.

The following, in no particular order, are events that helped shape our local communities.

After much discussion and with the constant supervision of Linda Hemmis the Locks on the Allegheny River (7, 8, 9) were opened for pleasure boat use utilizing private funds. Quite a feat on its own, alone in our lifetime.

Next we have the construction (description) of Market Street and the Revitalization program. What a mess and they will be back when the “weather breaks”!

The long awaited new high school opens and by most accounts is moving along very well,

And speaking of opening (or moving) we have the continuing saga of the outgoing chairman of the county commissioners and the quest to utilize funds from the Tourist Bureau to off-set losses at the Belmont. (Your tax dollars at work?) Thank goodness that situation was finally put to rest and the Bureau remains on Market Street in Kittanning.

Speaking of the Commissioners, it won’t be long until the new ones are sworn in and we will be watching to see if they can follow through with their goals for the county.

Bad weather continues to “dog” the Arts on the Allegheny programs and the same could be said for the Questors’ Antique Show.

The weather was nice for the Fort Armstrong Folk Festival and for the Tribute to the Veterans of the Viet Nam war. Fifty (50) years later will again be conducted on Sunday of the Festival 2016.

Although torn up all summer, US 422 is finally open in all directions and it looks pretty good.

And let’s not forget our good president has reached all the way into Armstrong County and through his “War on Coal” with the lay- off of approximately 350 miners. How’s that for supporting the community?

And finally, according to, Armstrong County (yes, little Armstrong) is fourth (4th) in the nation for gun owner ship.

Finally a note from the President. He will be making Gun Control the dominant priority for his outgoing administration. And if he doesn’t get our guns, Hillary will. Think long and hard about the up-coming election. All our futures are riding on it.


The views expressed are those of the author.