Local Sears Store Expanding Brands of Appliances

Local Sears associates assist owner Dan Shaffer remove ceiling tiles as they remodel the store and get ready for this weekend’s big savings promotion!

The local Sears store in the Franklin Village is expanding its appliance line of merchandise and even adding to its name. Store owner Dan Shaffer explained.

“We’re changing our name to AAE – American Appliance Experts! It is still a subsidiary of Sears… it’s a Sears Hometown Store, but we are going into where we are doing additional training, and additional brand distribution.”

Shaffer said additional brands in addition to the Sears Kenmore line will be stocked for the convenience of customers.

“We were always heavy in Kenmore. But we found out the younger generation is going more with Samsung, Whirlpool, LG – so we are stocking more of a branded equipment or appliances that we hadn’t stocked before. We still have Kenmore. Kenmore is our basement, but we are expanding our repertory of what we are keeping on stock.”

The new plan also includes remodeling of the store and increased customer service – before, during, and after the sale.

“We are doing callbacks to the people even after a couple months that they have had it to make sure they are happy with the units they have purchased.”

Shaffer said that the whole layout of the store will be different.

“We are giving people a touch screen where we can sit down with them and they can go through the computer and we can make sure they get the lowest price. We always guarantee the lowest price! That’s a very important thing for us. We are also getting more modern, using iPads to help people out.”

However, if there are customers that don’t feel comfortable with interacting with a computer, Shaffer said his staff will be there to do it for them.

“We handle everything! We find out what their needs are, and then we suggest to them what we would buy to supply what we feel they are telling us they need. We do everything through the computer for them. They can just sit and watch the screen.”

This Sunday and Monday, the store will feature a “Friends and Family” promotion, with savings throughout the store.

“The Kenmore appliances will be up to 25% off, plus an additional 10% off (if they purchase) this Sunday and Monday, September 27-28. Plus if they use their Sears card, they can get an additional 5% off, so that is up to 40% off – or they can get 35% off and 12 months with no interest.”

Shaffer is pleased with his sales so far this year.

“Right now as far as the Pittsburgh District, we are the number one store in the Pittsburgh District as far as meeting all of our goals.”

Shaffer said he is planning on completing renovations to the store by October 16, but then will plan for major grand re-opening the first part of November.