KHS Track Athlete Organizing “Jogging for James”

Kittanning Senior High Junior Sarah Dunn stands along the Armstrong Trail in Kittanning, where her track team usually practices and that will be the site of the “Jogging for James” 5K Memorial Day Weekend.

by Jonathan Weaver

Running comes natural to Kittanning Senior High Junior Sarah Dunn, but at a race Memorial Day Weekend, she will be supporting other athletes in support of a local student.

Dunn, who runs cross-country and track, is organizing “Jogging for James” – a 5K to raise money for James Lindahl, the three-year-old son of Health Teacher Cindi Lindahl who is fighting leukemia – Saturday, May 24.

“That’s where I got the idea – I’ve run a lot of 5K’s in the past, and I know they raise a decently-good amount of money if you set it up right,” Dunn said.

The race – which is open to all ages and is the first organized by the school’s Student Council – has been more challenging than Dunn originally thought, but she said it’ll be worth it in the end.

“We’ve done a lot to raise money for him, and it’s neat to see the whole community coming together to raise money for one cause,” Dunn said. “And, with it being affiliated with the school, it’s nice to pull the community in so they can see what we’re doing here at KHS.

“It’ll be an experience – I’m looking forward to it.”

Dunn also participated in the school mini-thon in February and purchased a $1 rubber band bracelet in honor of James. The mini-thon raised $6,500 during the February mini-thon at the high school

Money was also received at the beginning of the school year through individual “KHS Cares” events.

$5 out of the $15 registration is to go toward the Lindahl Family for expenses, while the rest helps with award and T-shirt costs. Other donation opportunities are available.

Awards will be given to the top-3 finishers in each age group and the top-3 overall, both male and female.

Student volunteers and community sponsorships – after 200 donation letters were sent out – have already begun streaming in, but Dunn said more will be accepted. She hopes to spur some interest from tomorrow’s ACMH 5K.

Dunn, a student board representative, is also running for Student Council President. She felt her enthusiasm and creativity through new ideas “would make the last year here at KHS the best year.”

The race begins at the high school along Orr Avenue at 10AM.