East Brady Ice Jam Dissolves Yesterday

A person stands on the Armstrong County bank of the Allegheny River at East Brady looking over to the Clarion side plaza. An ice jam piled up as high as 20 feet before releasing yesterday afternoon. Here the ice is still on both sides of the banks, but had flowed downstream in the center of the river.

by David Croyle

An ice jam that formed in the Allegheny River early Sunday morning caused the evacuation of residents in the area of Rimer.

Armstrong County 9-1-1 dispatched Pine Township Fire Department for approximately 15-20 feet of standing water on the roadway in Rimer. The fire department gave notices of evacuation to area residents affected by the flooding.

The National Weather Service has issued a flood watch through Tuesday afternoon. At 7PM yesterday, water had crested at 14.8 feet in Clinton, 14.7 feet in Kittanning, 14.8 feet in Mosgrove, 14.3 feet in Mosgrove, 9.8 feet in Parker, and 17.2 feet in Freeport. The average flood stage is approximately 20 feet in each of the communities.

According to the National Weather Service, fire departments also evacuated residents approximately two miles north of East Brady when flood waters began to rise early Sunday morning due to the ice jam that formed.

In many camps along the Allegheny River, gigantic chunks of ice smashed small buildings and lawn ornaments. Some damage was also reported to summer homes.

Light rain could develop later today into tonight causing increased potential for flooding. The Kittanning Paper will continue to monitor the situation and report emergency conditions through AM 1380 WTYM radio.