First Snowfall Causes Morning Accidents

The first flakes of snow fell overnight as temperatures dropped below freezing causing multiple accidents early this morning.

Emergency crews responded to a truck that rolled over in East Franklin Township, cars skidding off the road, and many others from Franklin Village down Route 28 to the county line. At one point, Route 28 south was closed to give crews time to respond to accidents. Ambulance crews were busy assisting fire and police departments. Medical helicopters were placed on standby for injured motorists.

Caution is advised during early morning commutes to work. Leave extra time getting to work today and tomorrow. Temperatures will rise into the 40s around noon, but will fall again to a low of 19 tonight.

  • By cementmixer, November 12, 2013 @ 9:51 AM

    Another glaring example of how PennDOT always gets there but a day late and a dollar short. How much notice do they need?? Ten stories and pics about how prepared they are and the equipment greased up and ready. Too bad the shovel leaners don’t listen to the radio. Oh well just another example of the contributions of the Corbett Administration

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