BENNETT: “We The People…”

by Jack Bennett

The American people have spoken.  Most Americans continue to say that the United States does not have a responsibility to intervene in Syria and that North Korea is a threat that can be contained for now.

According to a new CBS News/New York Times poll:  We (the people of the United States) don’t agree on much of anything, alone “most Americans” as indicated by the poll.  I think that even this President should be able to figure out that “we the people” do not want involved with the internal affairs of another country.  Yes, they have “gassed”  their own population, but they have also shot ten thousand more of their own people and that doesn’t even get a mention on the evening news.

In my opinion, we cannot police the world any longer.  Our troops are worn out.  It has been thirteen years of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and many have had six to nine deployments.  The military and veteran suicide rate continues to rise according to the Huffington Post. According to CNN more that 22 veterans per day commit suicide. Yet the number of tours  in combat are not part of the causes according to a study just released by the Journal of the American Medical Association. Additionally, the Department of Defense budget has been cut – I have lost count how many times.

There is a point at which “you cannot do more with less” as the old government adage says but that point has been reached long ago.  We can see the effects of some of these cuts right here in Kittanning, Armstrong County with the closing of the locks on the Allegheny River.  Yet some other government agencies continue to spend like drunken sailors.

Homeland Security, for example, has ordered a lot of ammunition (enough to fight the Iraq war for 30 years).  They also ordered special tactical vehicles for “local use”.

Yes, it is time to get out of the world police business.  Most of the countries we have been in recently hate us no matter what we do, so why give up another American life?  And while we’re at it, it might not be a bad idea to get out of the United Nations and get the United Nations out of the United States.  Of course as the old adage goes, hold your friends close and your enemies closer.

Remember, all that is necessary for evil to succeed in for good men and women to stand by and do nothing.


(The views expressed are those of the author.)