Winning Baseball Leads to New Band Hit

by Jonathan Weaver

A hometown band is showing their support for the first-place Pittsburgh Pirates with a new track.

“Ben Valasek and the Growlers” recorded “We’ve Been Waiting 20 Years” due to the recent success of the Pittsburgh baseball team.

Valasek said the group began recording in early-July.

“The song was recorded probably about six weeks ago. A couple of our guys were going on vacation, and at the time the Pirates were playing good baseball, so I thought we better get this recorded now just in case the season continued to be interesting,” Valasek said.

Indeed, the Pirates are now only a handful of games from clinching their first winning season in more than two decades and in the race for a playoff spot.

“The Pirates have been a down team for so long it’s been fun to watch them win. The song is not just about them having a winning season – it’s just about the fans are finally happy the Pirates are playing good baseball,” Valasek said.

Valasek and band mates Zach Wolfe, Mike Starr and Ron Leard also consider themselves Pirates fans and think many community residents are also fans that have not had much to cheer for. Valasek attended a winning 14-inning marathon game at the beginning of July with his wife, Erin, and three children: twins, Isabel and Isaac (11) and son, Jack (8).

He will attend a game this week as well.

The song has been played a handful of times live and has gotten a good response – mainly from fans who heard the song on regional radio stations. He hopes it even reaches the ears of PNC Park.

“We have not performed for the Pirates, but if they would ask us, I think we’d be willing to go down and play the song,” Valasek said.

Valasek will perform two solo twice tomorrow where fans might be able to hear the song – in the afternoon within Schenley Park in Pittsburgh and during the evening at Bloomfield Bridge Tavern.

Further information about the song and the newly-designed baseball T-shirts available for purchase can be found on the band’s Facebook page.

A music video of the song is available on YouTube or can be purchased for less than $1 via iTunes or CDBaby.