Worthington Paving Complete, but Charges Questioned

Spruce Lane in Worthington Borough has been repaved – and was paved mostly through County liquid fuel dollars – but Council is concerned over the final cost since the contractor needed $5,000 worth of more material than he initially bid to finish the job. Council would have to pay the extra expense out of Borough funds.

by Jonathan Weaver

Homeowners along Spruce Lane in Worthington Borough are probably glad their street is freshly-paved, but Borough Council is concerned about the overall cost.

Worthington Borough received $15,000 in liquid fuel money from the County in April, but the contractor estimated the surfacing would cost more than $19,600 – leaving the Borough with a roughly-$4,600 bill.

But, the contracting company came back and increased the bid nearly $5,000 more after the contractor needed to use two more tri-axles full of blacktop.

Council President Donald Long was glad the work was done, but his concern outweighed his delight.

“I don’t personally think that’s right because they made a bid – and it’s not like they did that in a bind. One of their men was here and I rode that road with him and he said ‘There’s no issue here – it’s not a problem’ before they even put the bid in,” Long said. (But), this is what we have.

“I still think we got an excellent road at a very-cheap price, but that’s not the point.”

Road Employee Cecil Toy authorized the contractor to purchase the extra material, but Council will talk with their PennDOT representative before any payment is made.

Council Vice-President George Kerr lives along Spruce Lane and said in April that the street needed repair.

In his Mayor’s Report, Mayor Kevin Feeney said that two arrests were made during the Worthington-West Franklin Carnival in June. He commended Police Chief Gerald Rogers and Officer Barry Rosen for their attentiveness during the annual event.

Long also commended the officers and the firefighters who put the event together.

“I thought it went real well – it was an excellent year,” Long said. “The total figure is not in yet, but they figured $140,000 profit. That’s not in stone because there were a few bills that came in and he was estimating, so that’s wait and see, but that’s not too darn bad.”

Long also thanked Toy for his efforts before the carnival began trimming tree limbs near roadways and intersections.

Toy will work his way to Spruce Lane to trim ‘a few’ limbs after finishing along Summit Alley.

The Borough police car will receive tire servicing in the next month, reportedly in Butler.

Worthington Borough Council met on July 9 last week as opposed to their normal time on the second Monday of each month.