Progression Killed the Video Store

by Philip Croyle

After 30 years of providing movie rentals services Prime Time Video, located in Butler, is liquidating its stock of wall-to-wall VHS, DVD’s and cartridge games. Once the doors are closed, we bid the golden era of local video rentals adieu. Many children today would not even remember anything short of an iPad. But for many, this was our childhood. With the onslaught of; pirated films, dollar-a-day Redbox rentals and online streaming of Netflix, walking into your favorite local mom & pop or franchise rental place is a subject of nostalgia. To their credit though these stores have survived the Recession much longer than a corporate owned video store like ‘Blockbuster’ for example. Many will agree that there was nothing quite like choosing 5 movies for 5 days for 5 dollars? Of course now Netflix gives you both streaming full television series and any genre of movies for as low as $10 a month without ever leaving home or worrying about those dreaded late fees. I suppose the only constant in life is change, and progression is just that. VHS will live on in the circulation of tapes traded by fellow hipsters and hardcore collectors. But before those doors adorned with film posters close, take one final stride down those isles and always remember to ‘Be Kind, Please Rewind’.