Local Jewelry Buyer Expands Business

‘I Buy Gold’ in downtown Kittanning not only does that now, but has expanded to buy and sell antiques. Owner Howard Gordon is well acquainted with the antique business, operating two other locations before opening his business in Kittanning four years ago.

by Jonathan Weaver

Howard Gordon is a man of many hobbies, and he is expanding his downtown Kittanning business to include yet another one.

Gordon, who has operated “I Buy Gold” on Market Street for four years, has expanded his building to include antiques for sale.

“I always had some antiques in here, just for display, and people often tried to buy them off me,” Gordon said.

Gordon sold restored furniture and antiques for more than 25 years in Wexford and Ligonier before entering the gold business. He said the closure and demolition of “Cat’s Antiques” – which was also along Market Street – ‘paved the way’ to his decision.

His antiques are to include postcards, lamps and lanterns or candy dishes, among the other inexpensive items available.

“Things they can afford – the economy’s so bad, people can’t buy $4-500 pieces of furniture, but are looking more for items under $50 that they can decorate with or add to their collections but don’t have to spend a lot of money to get, Gordon said.

“My stuff isn’t going to be an antique shop that’s more like a museum –it’s going to be stuff you can afford to buy,” he added.

Gordon also will buy antiques from customers, garage sales or online.

To accommodate for the increased-inventory, Gordon removed a few wall partitions – doubling the size of the store. He will keep his bicycle collection on-hand to show for free and swap stories, but they are mostly not for sale.

Gordon also expanded store hours, and is now open from10AM-5PM Monday through Friday.