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If you’ve watched any Pirates broadcast over the past couple of years, you have probably heard Bob Walk utter the phrase, “Ban the DH.” With the Houston Astros moving to the American League this year, Major League Baseball finally has 15 teams in each of its respective leagues. While the balance is there, that also means that there is an interleague series everyday in baseball. For those who don’t know, interleague play is where American League teams will play National League teams.

With the regularity of interleague present, there’s no doubt in my mind that baseball is on its way to making the designated hitter customary throughout baseball instead of just when an American League is the home team. I’m personally a fan of the way the National League plays where the pitcher has to actually hit. Even Jim Leyland, former Pirates manager and current Detroit Tigers manager, said that he preferred actually managing the game in the National League with double-switches, knowing when to pull the pitcher and hit-and-runs.

Instead of taking away the strategy of the game, why not add a 26th man to each team’s roster during interleague play? This will allow the team to construct its roster as they like and they will be able to have that DH or extra position player at their beck and call.

While I don’t claim to have all the best ideas, a league that has no salary cap, constant PED trouble & a tied All-Star game could use outside help.


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