BENNETT: Are American Gun Owners a Bunch of Fools?

by Jack Bennett

The American gun owning pubic is being duped again.  The media is attempting to sell us the concept that the “assault weapons ban” legislation can’t pass, and this is a lie.  Behind our  backs the political machine is crafting public opinion in what has become the majority voting blocks to convince national and state legislators that they are safe from the next election….

And they are safe.  American gun owners didn’t show up in force for the last election, and we are not feared as a voting block any longer.  Don’t be a fool and believe it when you are told we can’t lose.  We are going to get beaten again if we don’t act.  And this time it isn’t a slippery slope.  This time, an entire class of guns will be outlawed .

Are you aware that a poll out of Connecticut claims that 95% of Pennsylvania voters want more gun control ?  That is simply a misrepresentation, and it has been picked up by the news service as fact.

If you think I’m preaching to the choir, there is a 90% chance YOU HAVE NOT CONTACTED YOUR LEGISLATORS to let them know that you are strongly against any kind of firearms ban or any increase in our national or state gun laws whatsoever.  You are silent because you think it’s someone else’s job.  But it is your job, and you have to make yourself heard.

A lot of gun owners, like a lot of American’s, are ignorant of world history.  You will find the first thing every government spinning out of control does is register the guns.  Then they round up the guns.  Then they declare martial law, putting the military in charge. (Or Homeland Security with their 1.6 billion rounds of hollow points.)  The government knows that America is a powder keg waiting to pop, and they are trying to capitalize on a tragedy to take away your guns.  (Assault is a behavior, not an inanimate object)

The people who are lining up against the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution want you to be lulled into complacency by the news you see on TV.  While all those personalities hire armed guards and carry a gun themselves (Senator Feinstein), they are building public opinion against our freedom to keep and  bear arms.  It isn’t the Jews they are going to round up this time (yet).  It is freedom-loving Americans who are the “subversives and the terrorists”, and they will need to round us up first.  Don’t forget that Presidents Bush and Obama have taken your rights away  when you are declared a terrorist.  The 2nd Amendment must be preserved if our freedom is to be kept alive.  If we give any rights away today, tomorrow it will be more and more until we are defending ourselves with air-guns like they do in the European Union today.

Now is the time and this is the place, stand up for freedom or be prepared to live in tyranny.

Please contact your legislators:

Senator Casey: 202-224-6324

Senator Toomey: 610-434-1444

Representative Kelly: 724-282-2557


(The views expressed are those of the author.)