Armstrong Commissioner to Serve Pennsylvania Positions


Commissioner Rich Fink will serve the position of liaison/advocate between the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP) Human Service Committee and the Pennsylvania Association of County Affiliated Homes (PACAH).

Commissioner Fink was requested by Kelly Andrisano, Executive Director of Pennsylvania Association of County Human Services Administrators, because of his experience in human services areas.

This position requires working closely with PACAH Director Mike Wilt, giving additional comments during meetings, providing feedback from the perspective of a county commissioner during meetings and reporting back to fellow commissioners during the CCAP Conference.

This position, held by one or two sitting commissioners, will have no additional costs or travel.  These meetings will take place during CCAP conferences and during regularly scheduled Human Services Committee Meetings.

Fink looked forward to the advocacy position in a news release.

“It is an honor to be representing CCAP.  I feel my experience as a commissioner and being on the Human Services Committee will be helpful in this role,” Fink said.

Armstrong County Commissioners will meet again this Thursday at 1:30PM.