Armstrong County Unofficial Election Results

County maintenance personnel unload voting supplies at the maintenance facility while election returns were turned in by election officials from each municipality. According to Deputy Sheriff Terry Bish, the first return came in at 8:26PM from Kittanning Borough – 2nd Ward, followed up shortly by Kittanning Borough – 4th Ward.

by Jonathan Weaver

The next U.S. Senator could be from Armstrong County based on last night’s election results.

In the national Senatorial race, Republican Tom Smith of Shelocta garnered more than 81 percent of the vote in Armstrong County, almost the same percentage in Indiana County and nearly 40 percent of the vote statewide to become the Republican candidate on the General Election ballot this November. He defeated three challengers from the eastern portion of Pennsylvania: David Christian of Bucks County, Marc Scaringi of Cumberland County and Steven Welch of Chester County.

Smith will challenge Democratic incumbent Bob Casey, Jr. – who had a challenge of his own against Joseph Vodvarka of Allegheny County Tuesday. However, Casey received nearly 75 percent of the left-wing party’s votes locally and 80 percent statewide to represent the Democratic vote this November.

County voters also chose Mitt Romney to contest incumbent Barack Obama in this November’s Presidential race. Romney also reportedly won the popular Republican vote in the states of Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York to boost his candidacy nationwide.

Voting materials had to be packed up from the County’s 68 voting districts at the close of last night’s Primary Election by county workers in the County’s maintenance garage.

Obama was uncontested on the Democratic ballot.

Locally, of the nearly 5,000 votes cast for State Senator, nearly all were for unopposed incumbent Don White. However, there were a reported-29 write-in votes against him.

Sixty-five write-in votes were also cast against Representative Jeff Pyle in the 60th Legislative District, but Pyle was unopposed on the Republican ballot and will be on the November General Election ballot. Democrat Jo Ellen Bowman of Kiski Township will oppose him then after winning the Democratic nod.

Rep. Eli Evankovich (R-54), Rep. Donna Oberlander (R-63) and Mike Kelly of Butler, representing the 3rd Congressional District also ran unopposed in their respective party, though Kelly will be opposed in November by Missa Eaton of Sharon who won the Democratic Congressional nomination.

The General Election is scheduled for November 6.

  • By wakeup, May 8, 2012 @ 9:27 AM

    Tankster- your frustration is felt by many including myself. However, it is we the people that give these parties this power with every new or expanded government program we support. We want the federal government to take care of us, the environment, the poor, health care, our retirement, prescriptions drugs, etc etc etc. We cannot ask the federal government to “take care” of us the turn around and cry they have too much power.

    Same goes for taxes….The Federal Government is just a broker that uses our money to play the wealthy uncle to buy votes and power through “free” government programs!!

    I do not care what party people think they belong too….stop growing the size of the federal government….in fact shrink it before it is too late!!

  • By mark, May 8, 2012 @ 12:05 PM

    wakeup and tankster, agree with you both but now we have reached a point in this discussion that happens in almost every issue. Everyone has submitted their opinions on whose fault this pitiful state of affairs is. I see nothing that this administration has done yet to resolve it. If they have, please tell me what it is.
    Next, I agree that both sides have faults but both sides have ALL the power. The miracle man, whoever they might be, cannot do battle with the two big guns.
    Again, we as apathetic voters from the past have allowed this to come about.
    Outandabout suggested I don`t understand we have to suffer some before positives come about but I think we have suffered enough and asked him or her to suggest what we can do… no answers from that question.
    We as voters only have limited choices in this election and they are Bad or Worse. We only think we have a say but we really don`t.
    I fear a separation of the country, which might be a good thing, or a crash or collapse.
    Whatever happens is out of our control and has been for many decades.
    I`ll prepare for the worst and hope to be surprised. Thank you.

  • By JornJensen, May 8, 2012 @ 12:39 PM

    wakeup – Two thumbs up for your post of 9:27 AM, Tuesday, May 8, 2012! Best post out of the 76 posts.

    If the government ‘takes care of’ enough of us, we become ‘subjects’.

    Look at Murtha amphitheater – John Murtha got us the money to do that. How much of each tax dollar that we paid came back to us in the form of this earmark (pork)? 17 cents? Thanks, but no thanks.

  • By Tankster, May 8, 2012 @ 5:08 PM

    wakeup & Jorn,

    I also agree with your opinions on smaller and limited government. The thing that makes me worrisome and somewhat paranoid is that the job situation is what has opened the doors for the opportunities to expand and grow bigger government. It seems to me that there is an authority or power out there that may be getting exactly what they want. None of this making sense and that is why I am thinking this may be a move to knock down our standard living. Remove all of the smooth talk about how those “free” trade agreements will allow Third World countries to boost their standard of living. I believe the opposite has occurred. We are moving, also….except we are moving down to meet those other countries.

    We can complain about the size of big government and want it to be smaller, but that is just a by-product of the much bigger problem. The problem is jobs!

    I am probably older than most of you on here but if you look back when there was industry in this area. There were people who would be characterized as being challenged or disabled employed by places like Eljer and PPG. they made good lives for themselves, because they did not need to be rocket scientists, the job paid good wages and there was no reason for them to look for any type of assistance. they were probably also more satisfied. If we believe in all of this baloney that everybody will have to be mathematicians or biologists to get a decent job and make decent money then we are going to leave a large number of people behind and somebody will need to support them.

    Smaller government is a goal, but the much bigger goal is turning this issue around with the jobs. The trade is probably one of the most critical, if not the most critical, issue that needs addressed quickly, and this issue is always pushed to the side by candidates. they sprinkle in a few buzzwords like they did about reviewing NAFTA, but nothing is ever done. We keep coming back to that we live in a global marketplace. Well, who put is in this global marketplace? Let’s get out of it. We got in it, so why can’t we get out? Maybe because we owe money to the big players in the trade game.

    mark, there is no BAD or WORSE….they are the same. Don’t believe me…just look back over the last two to three decades. It really does not matter. As far as administrations go, they are not the problem. The biggest problem facing us is reforming Congress not changing presidents.

  • By mark, May 8, 2012 @ 10:20 PM

    Tankster, but doesn`t one encompass the other? Sometimes when you flush, it doesn`t all go down. Huge problem that takes years to solve but I still haven`t heard from the present leader`s supporters as to what has this man has done so far? 5T more debt, no jobs, bailouts, more boys die with no agenda, and yes past leader did a lot of the same but where`s “The Change?”Not sold at all on this dude. Wanna flush again and take my chances. Absolutely no positives with this administration. None, zero, zip! If you see something I`m missing, tell us. Thank you.

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