Local Church Holds Mini Car Race Sunday

by Jonathan Weaver

A local church urges kids to race toward the finish line this weekend.

Grace Brethren Church in West Kittanning will have a miniature car track at Grace Hall this Sunday, October 2 to promote its youth groups.

Lay person Jim Childs approached Word of Life Ministry in New York to provide the event and described.

“We subscribe to their curriculum for kids on Wednesday nights and we’re going to be starting that program up for the year on October 5, so this is a kick-off event that they offer,” Childs said.

Approximatley 20 children attend youth activities within the church. Wednesday night activities will resume this Wednesday, October 5 at 6:30PM at Grace Hall and occur the first, second and third Wednesday of the month through April.

There are three groups establishe: for children aged 4 and 5, grades 1-3 and grades 4-6.

“Those are the ones we are targeting with this rally, but we do have some of their materials for our youth junior /senior high as well,” Childs said.

Childs said children will not have to construct a car like any other derby race, but rather go to their own toy box or collection.

“One of the advantages of this race is a kid can come on the spur of the moment if they have a car in their toy chest, they can just bring it and run it. It doesn’t require any big preparation,” Childs

Childs said he has a few of his own collectables at home.

“These are cars that have been around generations it seems,” Childs said. However, Childs will take a back seat this weekend and not race the miniature cars.

Registration for the event begins at 4PM with the race beginning at 4:30PM. A gospel message will be held in-between races, and organizers hope the event lasts until 6:30PM.

Following the race, the church will also offer the two-hour movie ‘Fly Wheel’ to those interested.

“It’s one of those movies that are good for kids, as well as adults, so we feel like it’s a good event to show,” Childs said.

Fast-food items, such as hot dogs, hamburgers and French fries, will also be available for purchase, but the race and move are free to the public.