Lenape Elementary Student Gets First Buck

Eleven-year-old Gavin Kruki of Ford City kneels beside his 7-point buck he harvested on the first day of buck season this year.

by David Croyle

When eleven-year-old Gavin Kruki returns to his class at Lenape Elementary School this morning, he has some big tales to tell.

“Me and my pap were hunting in his tree stand and we thought it was three doe because we saw these three doe running around and I said, ‘Hey Pap there’s three doe’ and he said, ‘No those are buck’ and he said, ‘You can have the first shot at any of them!” Kruki explained.

Kruki started hunting with his grandfather, Jim Douglass, on the Douglass farm in Sugarcreek Township around 7AM.  It was a little over an hour later when Kruki saw something every hunter wishes for.

“There were 3 bucks running together,” Kruki said.

Kruki credits his grandfather for teaching him the proper manner of carrying a firearm.

“Practice. My Pap gave me a  22 (caliber) and said, ‘Hit the target and hit it in the bulls eye’  and sometimes off cause, you know, it’s the first time,” Kruki said.

Kruki will now spend the rest of buck season giving advice to those hunters who are less fortunate.

“I’ve been shooting for a long time,” he said.