MARKILINSKI: Track Records

Has anyone been watching what has been going on in Greece?

Has anyone drawn any conclusions in that Greece is not very different from our own country, its direction, and are we making the same mistakes that they have?

Greece’s debt to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ratio is 125 percent. Italy’s is 115 percent. And the United States now exceeds 80 percent of our GDP.

So, you ask, what does GDP have do with the price of bread in Armstrong County?

For one, the experts (those with track records) have been predicting that inflation is just around the corner.

But here in Armstrong County we have a different kind of expert.

We have those who say that the Armstrong School Board majority is micro-managing the administration of the ASD. Those experts have been led around by the nose by an administration that has been quite adept at hiding funds.

The “new” Board is an obvious change that you can believe in.

June 30th will tell the tale when a final budget is adopted.

We also have those who hurl insults and spew derogatory comments and they hide behind a screen name. There are quite a few of you. They flex their beer muscles in anonymity. They may even live in their parent’s basement.

How I try to make sense of this all is that I ask just a few questions: Could they be an employee of the ASD? Could they be related to an employee of the ASD? Are they one of the few that have filed suit against the ASD?

Do they have a track record? Or do they just want to stir the pot and post a video on You Tube?

What about you, Mr. Mike Fichthorn, what’s your track record?

Now “that” just may be something to think about.