Supervisors Set Date to Show off New Building

The completed East Franklin Township municipal building will be shown off to the public at an open house September 25 from 4-6PM before the regular monthly meeting.

By Jonathan Weaver

It was more than three years ago that the East Franklin Township Zoning Hearing Board approved a variance to build a new municipal/maintenance building, and with it finally complete, supervisors want to show it off to the community.

Before the September 25 regular monthly meeting, supervisors will open up their new township facilities along Cherry Orchard Avenue to the public from 4-6PM

Township Engineer Ken Howard of Bankson Engineering said that before the open house and meeting, final adjustments to the building – including to the roof – should be completed. Other maintenance issues were also resolved.

Supervisors were discussing snacks to serve to the public following the meeting.

September 25 is also the second day of the bi-annual trash week.

County Community Division Director Jennifer Bellas also updated supervisors on various Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) updates, including grant funds dedicated to low-income residents for Furnace Run and Walkchalk tap in and lateral connections

“Currently, we verified 28 households for tap connection assistance, two are still in the income-verification process and one was found to be ineligible,” Bellas said. “To date, we’ve paid 27 tap-in fees between your 2012-13 CDBG funds.”

East Franklin Township also received temporary financial assistance from the County Nonprofit Housing Board since lateral connections cost more than originally predicted.

“Of those 28 households that we verified, a majority of them have received estimates for their lateral connections. We’re estimating we’re about $35,000 over (the allocated amount),” Bellas said.

That money will be reimbursed with 2014 CDBG funds – which are estimated to be nearly $82,500.

Applications to allocate the rest of this year’s funding are due in January, but County planners want to submit those applications before the holiday season. A second public meeting will be held to discuss the allocation at the end of October, but after surveying, supervisors are leaning toward allocating the money toward ultraviolet disinfection at the Cowansville sewage plant.

Howard will begin finding price estimates for that upgrade.